David A. Nace

David Nace was raised in rural western Pennsylvania. Graduated from Penn State University with an Undergraduate degree in Engineering and a Masters degree in Business Administration. He has managed and co-owned a construction company since 1989. Dave is active in the Associated Builders and Contractors organization on the local and national level, and is able to demonstrate the consequences of legislation and policies in concise and easily understood articles.

Most Recent Articles by David A. Nace:

Liberal Dreams Realized

Jul 31, 2013 — David A. Nace

The liberal/progressive dream for America is that voters will elect Democrat candidates year after year.  Once in office, these legislators will vote for expansive social programs, high wages and generous retirement benefits for everyone.  While liberals have not achieved their dream throughout America, there are cities that have been using their model of government for decades.  If the liberal model is correct, one would expect people to be flocking to the cities that have implemented their ideas, but no one seems to want to move to Detroit.

The Path to Tyranny

May 20, 2013 — David A. Nace

On May 5th, President Obama told the students at Ohio State University to “reject the voices that warn that tyranny is lurking just around the corner”.  That was just a few days before the American people learned that the White House and State Department narratives on Benghazi were a lie, the IRS did actually target groups that opposed President Obama’s policies and the grossly misnamed Department of Justice under President Obama monitored the emails of the Associated Press News Service.  These acts certainly appear that tyranny is not just lurking around the corner.

The Day Japan Saved Our Economy

Dec 4, 2012 — David A. Nace

In the words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, December 7, 1941 was a day that would live in infamy.  The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor claimed the lives of 2,400 Americans and caused millions of dollars in damage.  Despite the horrific destruction that the attack caused, it was also the day that Japan saved the American economy.

Having Americans Exhausted All Other Possibilities

Nov 1, 2012 — David A. Nace

This election is a referendum on Winston Churchill’s statement “Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all other possibilities”.  In a few days, American voters must decide if they have exhausted all other possibilities and are willing to do the right thing, or if they will continue to endure pain and suffering as the result of Obama’s vision and policies.

A fraudulent narrative

Oct 10, 2012 — David A. Nace

The United States has a huge fiscal problem.  Our Federal government now spends $1 for every $.60 it receives in taxes.  Over the last three years, these deficits have been over 1.2 trillion dollars each year.  The narrative of the Obama administration, reinforced by left leaning national news services on how we can resolve this problem, suggests that we have a bigger problem with deceit than we do with deficits.

The Power of Intimidation

Jul 6, 2012 — David A. Nace

We think of the 9 robed Justices of the Supreme Court as beyond intimidation.  However, we now know this is false.  The bizarre decision of Chief Justice Roberts to uphold Obamacare by making it Obamatax is not the first time that a Supreme court Justice has succumbed to intimidation and voted to usurp the Constitution, believing it was necessary to preserve either the Supreme Court or their own personal legacy.

Why unions hurt the middle class

Feb 14, 2012 — David A. Nace

For decades we have been told that unions help the middle class.  We have heard it from unions, from politicians that receive union contributions and from a sympathetic media.  However, when one examines the facts this claim is completely false.

Fiscal Fraud

Jan 23, 2012 — David A. Nace

The original claim of the Occupy Whatever Street (OWS) movement, that large banks got a bailout while middle class America struggled as the result of high unemployment, had merit.  However, that legitimate grievance was cast aside as the OWS movement was taken over by Big Labor and the Democratic Socialist Party.

Legitimizing theft

Jul 26, 2011 — David A. Nace

How do you legitimize taking wealth from the citizens of a country that produce wealth and jobs and give it to those that do not?  A hundred years ago, collectivists could rely on the writings of Karl Marx to promote class envy and advocate class warfare to create a utopian communist state where the means of production were communally shared among the citizens of a country.  However, the reality of communism is that after a violent revolution that destroyed private ownership of land and capital, capitalism was replaced by a far more repressive dictatorship that destroyed millions of lives and constrained all but the elite in the Communist party into lives of misery.

The Living Wage Illusion

May 19, 2011 — David A. Nace

Like so many other concepts promoted by the left, self-proclaimed progressives and their allies in organized labor have used the term “living wage” to mislead the public and justify government intervention in this case on behalf of organized labor.  While the term “living wage” evokes sympathy and sounds innocuous, the real objective of the “living wage” in the eyes of organized labor is to use the coercive power of the government to unionize millions of new workers at the expense of the taxpayer and the American economy.

The real issues in Wisconsin

Apr 18, 2011 — David A. Nace

Labor unions are trying to portray the actions in Wisconsin as the destruction of the middle class.  However, this is rhetoric, not fact. The actions in Wisconsin actually help the middle class by allowing union members and the taxpayers a greater say in their future.

Capitalize on Respect

Apr 19, 2010 — David A. Nace

Despite all the obstacles to success that the Obama administration is trying to impose, small business owners and their employees have cause to be optimistic.  The American public simply does not believe the current socialist rhetoric demonizing Capitalism.

Tax the Rich

Mar 17, 2010 — David A. Nace

Increasing taxes on the rich has been a goal of populist presidents since FDR.  The Obama administration has pledged to increase the taxes on those making over $250,000 to fund increased social programs and a middle class tax cut.

A purple win is America’s loss

Feb 26, 2010 — David A. Nace

As individual citizens and taxpayers read the various healthcare bills that their legislators have not read, it becomes very clear that there are many losers in the Administration’s healthcare reform plan.

The cost of complacency

Jan 19, 2010 — David A. Nace

Despite the lofty words of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the reality is those that pay for government have very little say in it.

Taxation Without Representation

Jan 5, 2010 — David A. Nace

This was the cry of the American colonies in 1765 when the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act.  This was the first British attempt at direct taxation designed to raise revenue rather then regulate trade.  The American response was an almost complete boycott of British made goods until the Stamp Act was repealed.

Opportunity or dependency

Dec 29, 2009 — David A. Nace

Despite what its detractors might say, the fact remains that the Republican Party is the party of opportunity.  Contrast the historical success of this approach with the historical failure of the opposite approach, dependency, taken by Liberals and currently embraced by the Democratic Party.

The Party of Big Business

Dec 21, 2009 — David A. Nace

Ever since FDR was elected president in 1932, the Republican Party had been vilified by liberals and the news media as the party of large corporations and the defender of greedy capitalists.  That claim is not supported by the facts.  In the last decade, large corporations in many industries have contributed far more money to the Democratic Party and democratic candidates than to Republicans.

Who benefits from America’s industrial demise?

Nov 17, 2009 — David A. Nace

Like it or not we live in a global economy.  If the Obama administration enacts policies that make it too expensive to manufacture products in the United States, those products will be made in other countries and shipped here.

The failure of collectivism

Nov 10, 2009 — David A. Nace

The Obama Administration has chosen to compare the current economic conditions to those of the 1930’s to justify action on legislation without public comment and debate.  Despite the fact that the current economic conditions were caused by government intervention into the housing industry, just as the crash of 1929 was caused by government monetary policy, 2009 differs from 1932 in one important way.  The American public of 2009 has witnessed the failure of collectivism, which it had not in 1932.