David Square

David Squire has been a a full-time reporter for the Winnipeg Free Press and an independent journalist for over thirty years, publishing three books and over 2,000 articles for publications including the Winnipeg Free Press, MacLean’s, the CMAJ, The Medical Post, Harrowsmith and the Taunton Press of Newtown, Connecticut.

Most Recent Articles by David Square:

Static economy due to meddling by Big Government

Dec 26, 2016 — David Square

When you consider that Big Government and its meddling leftist bureaucrats have taken control of Canada’s economy once again, it is small wonder that our great nation is becoming a non-productive, social democracy similar to European states like Sweden, Norway and Holland.

I blame my “peace and love generation” of the 60s and early 70s for adhering to and spreading the flawed leftist thinking that has piloted our country into an economic spiral from which it may never recover.

For example, in the late 60s, flower child icon Pierre Trudeau led us to believe that it was possible to “spend yourself rich.” For a purportedly intelligent man, Trudeau’s grasp of economics was, to say the least, fuzzy, and his borrowing scheme nearly bankrupted the country.

Lawyer predicts all Syrian Muslim migrants will gravitate to cities with large Islamic populations

Dec 20, 2016 — David Square

Toronto-based immigration lawyer Guidy Mamann went on record recently predicting that most of the Syrian refugees admitted into Canada will move from small host towns to cities with large Muslim populations.

The result will likely be the creation of Muslim no-go zones in Canadian cities similar to those in Sweden, the U.K. and France, where police, Jews and other infidels fear to enter because of threats to their lives.