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Daria DiGiovanni Dariadigiovanni.com, is an accomplished writer, author, blogger, internet radio host and social media professional. She released her first novel, Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal in 2008 and is currently at work on a sequel, Sea To Shining Sea, due out in 2012. In addition to her blog, she contributes content to a variety of sites including Parcbench.com and regularly co-hosts Conservative Republican Forum with Steven Rosenblum every Saturday at 6 p.m. Eastern on Blog Talk Radio. Daria also manages a weekly twitter chat for authors, readers and writers called #Writestream, which takes place every Thursday at 11 a.m. Eastern.

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Hollywood Hypocrisy on Full Display at Golden Globes

Jan 14, 2013 — Daria DiGiovanni

With a few notable exceptions, I rarely go to the movies, listen to the music of current singers, watch television or otherwise subject myself to the filth that is today’s American pop culture. And I absolutely detest award shows in which superficial, amoral America-bashing celebrities drool all over each other for their alleged “courage” and in many cases, marginal talent. So it’s not surprising I didn’t even know the Golden Globes were on last night until I stopped by one of my most frequently visited sites, Twitchy.com to discover this:

The People’s Vote.com

Jun 20, 2012 — Daria DiGiovanni

As a politically engaged organization with an equally motivated audience, I wanted to share the exciting news about a revolutionary new technology platform, The People’s Vote.com.

Hypocrisy, Sex and Set-Ups

Mar 6, 2012 — Daria DiGiovanni

As a woman, I find Sandra Fluke’s testimony particularly distasteful — and not just because of the way she chooses to conduct her personal life. That is of course her business, but that doesn’t mean I can’t formulate an opinion about it, especially since Fluke had no problem (not to mention, shame) in divulging the most intimate details of her life in a public forum. If she chooses to sleep with every guy on the planet, it’s her prerogative to do so. But it’s entirely offensive that 1.) a woman who claims to be so “empowered” cannot take responsibility for managing the consequences of her own choices, and 2.) that this same woman expects taxpayers to fund her lifestyle when said taxpayers already fund Planned Parenthood (where Fluke can easily obtain birth control) to the tune of $500 million annually.

Hello White House!

Aug 5, 2009 — Daria DiGiovanni

Per the erudite advice of Michelle Malkin and the blog Brutally Honest, I decided to save Obama and his blind followers the trouble of having to track me down for being a “Right Wing Extremist” actively working to kill his DEATHcare bill, among other things. I encourage all of you to do the same. Dictators you see, have no sense of humor as noted by my sources above. Keeping that in mind, I just emailed the following to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address):

A Tale of Two Tea Parties

Jul 5, 2009 — Daria DiGiovanni

I celebrated Independence Day fighting for independence from the Marxist regime currently occupying the White House. My day began in Fort Lauderdale at 10 a.m., where I joined with 2,200 fellow patriots along Broward Blvd. Colonel Allen West, Ed Lynch (conservative candidates for Congress in FL Districts 22 and 19, respectively), Talk Radio Host Joyce Kaufman and Southeast Broward Republican Club President Eddie Napolitano all electrified the crowd.

Lefties Finally Get Their Way

Jul 3, 2009 — Daria DiGiovanni

In a tainted political climate that bears more resemblance to reality TV than it does to the vision of America put forth by our Founding Fathers, it’s no wonder that so many good people reject the idea of running for office. It’s a double-edged sword: the USA desperately needs honorable, dedicated citizens to answer the call to public service and execute their duties with, as Governor Palin often quotes, “a servant’s heart,” yet to do so comes at tremendous personal and professional peril. And after what the Palin family has endured over the past year, why on earth would anyone who fervently believes in God, country and Constitution ever want to subject themselves to such vile, undeserved treatment?

Photoshopping Trig: The Left’s Latest Descent Into Depravity

Jul 3, 2009 — Daria DiGiovanni

After eight years of the Bush presidency and the 2008 election campaign, I am not quite sure why anything the left says or does surprises me. From the abhorrent film Assassination of a President (made while George W. Bush was still in office and presiding over two very difficult war fronts) to David Letterman’s “slutty flight attendant” slurs against the Governor of Alaska, I should know by now that the when it comes to destroying their political opponents, nothing is sacred to these people.

Female Jealousy and Sarah Palin

Jul 1, 2009 — Daria DiGiovanni

Palin Drone
If the comments on Facebook and the attacks by both “GOP strategists” and former McCain staffers are any indication, jealousy is a pervasive, ugly and—possibly—incurable disease. Let’s examine some of the critiques of Palin by fellow women; I am not talking about the far-left NOW types, but females who claim to be Republican and/or conservative.


Jun 16, 2009 — Daria DiGiovanni

When my Blog Talk Radio co-host Stephen Rhodes and I sat down to interview Dr. Alphonse J. DiGiovanni, M.D., General and Vascular Surgeon last week (yes, Dr. Al also happens to be my dad) about the Obama Administration’s forceful push to nationalize medicine, I already had a fairly accurate understanding of the points the good doctor would make in defense of the free market, and the best healthcare system in the world.