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Doug Bronson is a small business owner in Florida and has written a book, "Simple Man...Simple Wisdom"

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The “C” Word

Jan 29, 2015 — Doug Bronson

Good morning. We hope this finds everyone doing very well, and in good health and spirits.

I thought I’d speak a little this morning on not our, or any other all natural products, but the challenges of our faith in regards to the political agendas today in our Country, and the world in general, or better known as….

An Appeal to All for Your Opinion

Dec 19, 2010 — Doug Bronson

Last night the Canada Free Press ran an article I’d written on the subject of illegal immigration.

For some reason this issue of illegal immigration continued to weigh heavily on me throughout the night, and because of this, I’m making my appeal to you all this morning.

Should Arizona Consider Sovereignty in Regards to Illegal Immigration?

Dec 18, 2010 — Doug Bronson

Our administration, both Democrat and some Republicans, but mainly the far-left and “progressives” do have a problem with the word “illegal” in regards to the subject of immigration.

Although the states along the border are feeling its effects far greater than the rest of the country, we all know the cost of this exodus to the American taxpayer is staggering, and literally, criminal as well.

When Does “Enough is Enough” Become a Reality?

Dec 16, 2010 — Doug Bronson

We all are involved today in the political turmoil that is, and has been taking place in our country for awhile now. We see our government growing at an unprecedented rate and in doing so we also see our freedoms of expression continuing to be less and less through political correctness.

Comrade Bernard Declares, “Greed is Like an Addiction!”

Dec 11, 2010 — Doug Bronson

My mother, God bless you Mom, is known by all who know her as rather “long-winded.”  The expression, “She loves to talk” is putting it very mildly to say the least. My Dad, a few years back, became “stone deaf,” and had a chip implanted below the skin on one side of his head that allows him to hear once more. Technology today is absolutely amazing, but the point being not so much that, but in reality now, all he has to do is turn his hearing aid off, profess to Mom his batteries are dead, “voila,” total uninterrupted silence!

Merry Christmas and God Bless America

Dec 9, 2010 — Doug Bronson

Merry Christmas!

You know in reality I never intended to write on this subject, wishing people a Merry Christmas. I, like so many of us, just took for granted this expression would be used and condoned by us all forever. It has been a part of my life now for 54 years. But we’ve come to see this tradition that we know and love as Americans, and celebrated in many other countries worldwide, is under attack, and the attack is worldwide as well.

Global Warming… no Global Cooling… no Global Warming…NO, IT’S COOLING!!

Dec 4, 2010 — Doug Bronson

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m totally confused. Our president speaks of global warming and the need to act, and to act now, before our planet ceases to exist. According to another planet savior, Al Gore, “the Obama administration has taken huge strides towards tackling climate change. Within one month of taking office Obama had secured $80 billion for renewable energy and green infrastructure.” Gore himself claims “urgent action is needed for a problem not faced before.” Or has it? Read on and see if you become as confused as I am?

A Day In The USA

Dec 2, 2010 — Doug Bronson

Last night I was reading through a few different news sources of the daily happenings in our country. First, I was shocked, though in reality I shouldn’t have been, by the amount of news I’d consider to be depressing to a large number of the citizens of our country, but then I was taken by the fact that so many of these stories are actually a part of the same, or bigger story. The parallels of which continually point to the progressive attitude and agenda taking place in our country today and quite frankly, is becoming sickening in its content and purpose.

The “Dream Act”... a Dream for Some…a Nightmare for Most!

Nov 22, 2010 — Doug Bronson

Sadly, in our country today, in order to speak out against the left’s agenda you first have to emphasize you’re not racist, which I’m not, and I believe most all Americans aren’t, though we’re accused of it almost daily.

Can Someone Please Explain To Me

May 30, 2010 — Doug Bronson

Isn’t it amazing the things that our going on today around the world, but much more concerning are what’s happening right here in our own country? I look around me every day and see things taking place that are absolutely appalling to me in their nature. I can’t for the life of me figure out the thinking or the reasoning behind most any of this, besides that their ultimate goal must be the destruction of our system of government put in place so many years ago by our Founding fathers, through our constitution.

Taxpayer Cost of Public Retirement Plans

May 17, 2010 — Doug Bronson

I have to start by asking a few simple questions.  Have we completely lost our minds? Have we given up on the freedoms and liberties that have been passed down to us by generation after generation of American sacrifice? Have we forgotten the price paid by our forefathers that allow our families to enjoy these freedoms? Frequently I ask myself if this must truly be the case when looking at the direction our country is headed these days.

The Definition of “ILLEGAL”

Apr 26, 2010 — Doug Bronson

According to the Random House Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of the word “illegal,” is as follows:  adj.  1- Forbidden by law.  2- contrary to official rules or regulations.

President Clinton And “Watch Our Words”

Apr 19, 2010 — Doug Bronson

I’m sure you’ve seen the remarks President Clinton expressed that were directed towards the Tea Party Movement. He warned of anti-government rhetoric possibly leading to violence similar to the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995, saying “the words we use really do matter.”