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Douglas Hagmann, founder & director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, and a multi-state licensed private investigative agency. Doug began using his investigative skills and training to fight terrorism and increase public awareness through his website.
Joseph Hagmann earned a degree in business administration, marketing and management and holds several law enforcement related certifications. He has completed over 6,000 hours of field investigation and covert surveillance operations, specializing in surveillance and counter-surveillance operations.He is presently the Director of Field Operations (DFO) for the Northeast Intelligence Network

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Explosive findings about DHS operations in congressional report

Oct 4, 2012 — Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann

An explosive 141-page investigative report was quietly released just after midnight by the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs is an indictment of the practices and procedures of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

America, the battlefield

Sep 10, 2012 — Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann

The issue of ammunition acquisition orders by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been the topic for extensive written analysis and discussion within the “alternative” media. The ammunition acquisition orders have been completely ignored by the evening news, while the retinue of traditional national talk show hosts and news outlets have also appeared to avoid any detailed inquiry or in-depth analysis of this topic.

Obama’s obsession with control

Jul 9, 2012 — Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann

In the event you missed the Friday news dump, Barack Hussein Obama issued yet another executive order. Titled “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions,” it may be read in its entirety on the White House website here.  At first blush, it appears that the order modernizes previous communications functionality, particularly as it relates to the continuity of governmental communication during wartime or national crisis as defined by Obama.

Questions surround government’s actions in “underwear” bomber case

Feb 22, 2012 — Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann

Commonly referenced as the “underwear bomber” or the “Christmas Day bomber,” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was sentenced to life in prison last week by U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds in a Michigan court.  He unexpectedly pleaded guilty on October 12, 2011 (day two of his trial) to eight felony counts, including attempted murder and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, related to reported attempt to detonate an explosive hidden in his underwear while aboard Northwest Airlines flight 253 flying from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day, 2009. There were 279 passengers and 11 crewmembers aboard that flight.

OWS & the planned “endgame” for the U.S.

Feb 7, 2012 — Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann

Are you baffled by the wording, timing and bipartisan support of recent legislation such as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the Expatriation Act, SOPA, PIPA and ACTA? Are you concerned over the enhancement of domestic security measures that appear to be targeting and incrementally ripping away the rights of law abiding American citizens? Are you concerned about the evolving DHS “domestic extremist” definitions? Have you wondered about the true origins of the financial crises and what appears to be a quickening of events in all sectors of our lives? How about the origins of the current “Occupy Movement?” When and why everything started? Who and what is to blame? If so, you’re not alone.

The Gingrich who stole Christmas

Dec 21, 2011 — Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann

The traditional American Normal Rockwell Christmas, the embodiment of small-town values and the orthodox American family is in jeopardy. Left up to the Progressives in power, the ghosts of Christmas future will treat their pajama-clad companions with a vision of the future that will be hardly visible under the ashes of forced secularism and certain economic disaster. If the entrenched GOP powerbrokers have their way, it will be replaced with a slightly less deficient, morally impaired and economically bankrupt system of globalism. The GOP establishment embedded in DC politics is determined to force Americans into a Hobson’s choice.

Truth beware: The Internet “Obamanator” is here

May 25, 2011 — Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann

imageInternet web sites, pundits, bloggers, commentators and denizens of the “alternative media” who are critical of Barack Hussein Obama beware, as you will now be “officially” in the crosshairs of the Obama White House. As part of his 2012 re-election campaign, the Obama administration this week created an “online rapid response team” tasked specifically with quashing any Internet articles and news critical of Obama.

This team is headed by Internet guru Jesse C. LEE, 31 of Tacoma Park, Maryland, who was named the “Director of Progressive Media & Online Response.”  Unsurprisingly, this is the first administration in history to ever create such a position, and LEE is well suited to head the Ministry of Propaganda, err… the Progressive Media & Online Response team.

Sex, Lies & the TSA

May 11, 2011 — Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann

The psychic fluidum- that is, the peculiar atmosphere—of totalitarian dictatorship is created by two closely related phenomena, propaganda and terror. [...] Its chief characteristic is the deliberate effort to intimidate. [...] A pervasive atmosphere of anxiety and a general sense of insecurity are the subjective concomitants of such terror. Often the victims of such terror are quite unaware of their own psychic states. Excerpted from Totalitarian Dictatorship & Autocracy by Carl J. FRIEDRICH and Zbigniew K. BRZEZINSKI; Frederick A. Praeger, Publishers; Second Edition © 1956. 1965 (emphasis added)

Obama’s “Nixonian” moment?

Apr 29, 2011 — Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann

We hope you’ve saved the duct tape you purchased at the urging of the DHS a few years ago, as it could come in handy to as a head wrap to keep your head from exploding from the curious events of this past week.  Should you find no need to do so, you might wish to send your extra rolls to the corporate media, Obama loyalists, operatives and progressives so they can use it to hold together their mosaic of lies and misrepresentations that have turned into blatant insults and a shameful mockery of anyone searching for the truth about the valid constitutional issue of presidential eligibility.

Case closed? Not so fast

Apr 27, 2011 — Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann

imageThat giant whooshing sound you hear of “birther” balloons popping with the purported release of the infamous Obama long form Certificate of Live Birth should be met with the level of skepticism it most definitely deserves. Already, there is well deserved controversy swirling about its authenticity, and legitimate questions are being raised about the timing of the release. You can bet that experts representing both camps pertaining to the certificate’s authenticity will have much to say about this document. Regardless, the newly released document does nothing to address the core constitutional issue of eligibility to hold the office of the President of the United States.

Unraveling of Barry Soetoro: the sequel

Apr 11, 2011 — Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann

Following the publication of our article titled “The unraveling of Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama”, we’ve been inundated with hundreds of e-mails pointing out two alleged errors in our report.  We’ll accept the fact that we need to be taken to the proverbial woodshed over one of those errors. Officer John McClane did not fire at the police car in the original “Die Hard” movie as we stated. It was one of the terrorists. We stand corrected, and stand even more amazed how many people are so astute in their movie trivia but have no idea what the actual eligibility issue is all about.

The unraveling of Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama II

Apr 8, 2011 — Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann

imageTo those who are now speaking out about the Obama eligibility matter, I can think of no better statement than the one uttered by a very frustrated Officer John McClane, played by Bruce Willis in the movie“Die Hard.” In order to get the attention of a police officer oblivious to the carnage taking place inside of the Nakatomi Plaza building after making a very cursory inspection and finding nothing amiss,McClane tosses the body of a terrorist from an office window window onto the windshield of the police cruiser and fires at the police car, yelling “welcome to the party, pal.”

A “crude” war against Libya

Mar 21, 2011 — Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann

Without a doubt, Muammar Gaddafi is a despicable human being. He’s a murderous terrorist who gained control of Libya in a September 1969 coup and a socialist dictator who is a sponsor of state terror. But he is not the only dictator who is a sponsor of terror, but simply one of a collection of Arab dictators who routinely kill their own people. As U.S. missiles were being fired into Libya, for example, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh called out tanks against the protesters of his regime, machine gunning unarmed protesters demonstrating in opposition to his government.

Globalists behind financial chaos to create NWO

Mar 10, 2011 — Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann

The now infamous phrase “New World Order” (NWO), which implies the erosion of our national sovereignty subjugated by global governance was once mocked and ridiculed as a mere conspiracy theory of the fanciful by all but an outspoken few. Those with the insight and fortitude to speak out about the existence of the NWO infrastructure were, and continue to be,  mocked, ridiculed and marginalized by elected officials of the Republican and Democrat parties alike, media pundits, and talking heads of all kinds.