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Dr. Laurie Roth Just Who is this Annie Oakley of the airwaves?

Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in counseling and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, is happily married and currently resides in Washington State. She is a singer/songwriter with five CD albums to her credit.

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Democrats Mid Term Mantra—Civility must die—Kick—Falsely accuse—Smear

Oct 11, 2018 — Dr. Laurie Roth

Democrats Mid Term Mantra – Civility must die – Kick – Falsely accuse – Smear
All but a remote few of Democrats in any kind of leadership have been calling for mob rule and violence. Now Hillary is declaring that civility must die.  She declares that when people running against you will take away everything you hold dear you can’t be civil at all.  As a cherry on the cake for all horrified listeners, she offered civility again after the Dems won back the House.  Hillary and Bill are going on a 13-city stadium tour, trying beyond desperation to imitate Trump.  I predict as when Hillary went on her book tour, she and Bill will have 13 people and perhaps a Chihuahua listening.

The tantrums of Senate Democrats will never end but soon no one will be listening

Oct 4, 2018 — Dr. Laurie Roth

The tantrums of Senate Democrats will never end but soon no one will be listening
The Democrats in the Senate have shown themselves through this Kavanaugh witch hunt to care zero about due process of law and commitment to any kind of truth.  We were forced again and again to listen to the sanctimonious lies and arrogance of Democrat after Democrat assaulting Judge Kavanaugh and America.  I watched the whole thing and nearly tossed my cookies several times.  I was especially inspired by Democrat Senator Blumenthal (D- Conn) who lectured Kavanaugh about how telling one lie means all you say is a lie, using fancy language from on high.  The only problem with that is that Blumenthal is a serial liar himself.  During a huge chunk of his political career, he talked of his brave military service in Vietnam, storming up hills in fire fights, which never happened.  He didn’t go to Vietnam, but who cares about that small little detail.

Make school shootings a thing of the past and now

Feb 24, 2018 — Dr. Laurie Roth

Make school shootings a thing of the past and now
According to the FBI, there have been over 160 school shootings since 2000.  All kinds of guns were used in these, some of the perpetrators were apprehended and some killed themselves.  All attacks were completed in the first 5 minutes, before the police or other authorities could respond.  The bottom line was that the school was on its own during the shooting crisis until they were ready to pick up bodies and treat the wounded.

Starting with Columbine and now the growing collection of school shootings there has been no real effort put in place to protect our kids, only talk and the usual gun control screams.  This has been at the continued expense of our children and their safety.

NFL Betrays the National Anthem and Fans -  Is there a way back?

Oct 2, 2017 — Dr. Laurie Roth

Like millions of NFL football fans, screaming and yelling for our teams to win, I sit in wonder as this year’s 2017 season unfolded with the very rich, NFL players of all races ‘taking a knee’ during the beloved national anthem.  This was followed by whole teams disappearing during the national anthem in their locker rooms.  So far, most fans have received this like a treasonous ‘gut punch’ against our flag, Vets, country and sacred tradition.  The usual, media ‘ship of fools’ call it all about race and the racist, President Trump picking a fight with the NFL.

As a loyal Seahawks fan, who saw my team last week not even come out during the national anthem, along with the team they were playing, I felt beyond, sick to my stomach.  Boy, did they call this one wrong.

A bullet from a Cop solved the problem - Deal with it

Dec 14, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

Protests have always taken center stage in America.  Many times our eyes roll back in our heads as we are forced to see the absurdity of gays marching in the streets for their endless list of rights; the fake news worshippers screaming about the brutal cops and the so-called evil, Hitler-like Trump.  It is the end of Democracy you know, the one we never had.  Then there are black lives matter crowds marching in racist arrogance as cops are murdered and whites are attacked at their events.

Trump has already done it more than ‘804 times’ and he isn’t in office yet

Dec 1, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

Hillary, Obama, the leftist controlled media and anti Trump liberals are doing academy award performances with their melt downs and scream fests. If I were to describe the never ending blame, cry, hiss and Soros backed hit scenes, I would think the leftist—anti Trumpers are doing a remake of two movies that we are forced to watch—the morphing together of ‘Ground Hog Day’ and ‘One flew over the Cuckoos Nest’.

They scream, rant, and wail as they gaze at Hillary’s political tombstone

Nov 26, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

Just moments after the Trump landslide win, Hillary and her hallucinogenic and sell out team were determined to steal a win from Trump by going after the electors.  Knowing how Hillary and Bill Clinton work, the threats,  the lies, the intimidation and the favors…the electors have been in the Hillary team cross hairs to steal their votes.  Never mind what the people wanted in all the ‘worthless more conservative’ states.  The fact that Hillary had California and New York meant she had the right to be President – run us, control us,  steal from us…and do it by any means possible.  She was set to become our first female President.

Trump and Pence drain the swamp while the Obama/Hillary leftists cry and scream to Kill the patient

Nov 17, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

The lies, violent set ups, acting out seizures about Donald Trump being elected are so absurd they are almost funny,  however,  at their core, they are tragic,  a waste of time and those involved really only shine the light of judgment on themselves.  They reveal themselves as bought and paid for slaves of the far left, lying agenda.  They are those with IQs below plant life.

Trump wins huge - It is a miracle what ‘useless deplorables’ and God can do

Nov 9, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

The largest branch of Government who had been locked out of the building for years and forced to stand outside in the cold and freezing rain has spoken.  No longer were Americans going to look the other way, suck it up, believe the smooth – lipstick smiling lies and deal with more insults pain and danger.  We were going to take our Government and lives back.  We did it on Election Day and in spades.  Let the tears flow but they won’t be ours.

The stock market has freaked out.  The media can’t find enough therapists or medication and are walking around drooling.  Naturally we see the usual ship of fools threatening to leave America now.  This is what Trump loving and victory loving Americans say to those ‘notables’ who plan to leave now…”Please turn off your cell phones and put your seat belts on.  The one way trip to ‘sell out’ deserted Island has begun.  Enjoy your flight.”  I reckon all those fancy and self worshipping people who choose to leave now fall in the category for us of ‘cleaning out the trash.’

Be a bold part of Donald Trump becoming our 45th President

Nov 7, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

Be a part of America’s power and healing machine that finally crushes the evil - anti God and anti America Clinton cartel. 

Be a bold part with your vote of HEALING AND RESTORING AMERICA - Her opportunities -  Judeo-Christian values -  National Security - Opportunities for all

Will Hillary finally start paying for her collection of crimes and sell outs?

Nov 1, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

In a little under a week we have the most important election of all times.  Americans have been forced to endure and watch the unbelievable, suspenseful and horrifying Hillary tale unfold - topping any reality TV show ever.  America has been watching – ‘Hillary – Corruption Island’…and just when you think you have seen the huge, dramatic conclusion to the episode, there is much more.

With Hillary, tall tales, corruption, and criminal intent have been redefined and taken to whole new levels.  Americans are rendered speechless as Anonymous, WIKI leaks and various stealth hackers continue to expose in stunning detail, Hillary’s real agenda,  racist and vile words referring to African Americans.  Stings and emails have also exposed the invented false female victims who were allegedly violated under Trump,  paid-off activists orchestrating violence at Trump rallies and on and on…

It is Trump’s duty to question the election results

Oct 28, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

Trump has taken massive heat from the media, establishment and Hillary’s cartel at the mere suggestion that he might question the election results if things looked questionable.  He is painted as extreme,  dictatorial,  void of any real Presidential demeanor to even suggest that he may question the results -  evil and dangerous Trump.

Truth be told, with massive WikiLeaks exposing more and more Hillary crimes, sell outs, and undercover stings clearly reveal that Hillary was the one behind the trump violence at Trump rallies (which is a crime…one of many). Trump must investigate and question everything Hillary does and says.  America’s only chance is for Donald Trump to be ready to challenge this election.  He must investigate the truth and fiction of November 8 and challenge the potential election fraud in court if need be.

F - for GOP Establishment and Hillary ‘American missing assignments’

Oct 26, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

Forget GOP and Democrat this time.  There is only one American assignment given to those running for President on Nov 8th and it is indeed pass or fail.  Serve America and her citizens – Protect her safety, economy, Judeo-Christian values, opportunities for all and freedoms or not. One candidate has continuously failed on all these levels over and over throughout her 30-year, money and power-hoarding career.

Trump won the hard fought primaries in spades because he was taking on the endless ‘F’s of the political, establishment, Hillary and media sell outs.  Plain spoken Trump has also given ‘F’s for cheating, backdoor deals at our expense, ignoring the multi billion dollar and growing illegal immigration scam at our porous borders which feed a growing drug, gang culture and criminal enterprise in every state.  He has called Hillary on her greed, endless lies, crimes and corruption concerning the email scandals, criminal and greedy Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, on and on.  Hillary is the criminal and corruption gift that keeps on giving.

Trump will give the knock out punch on election day

Oct 24, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

The battle lines have been drawn and many are scared about there even being a fair election due to all the revelations out there of funded and organized voter fraud.  Then there is all the organized violence at the Trump rallies, all linked back to the DNC and Hillary campaign.  Fraud, threats and low ball tactics are everywhere this election cycle.  It is like a crime family amusement park of terror rides.

Add to this, the WikiLeaks revelations of just how incestuous Hillary’s relationship with major media outlets is, and it is most clear why most of the media continue to portray Trump in failing and hideous terms. 

Now the growing head game to all on the fence, Trumpsters and those not quite sure for whom who they may vote is to psych us all out with the propaganda that the race is over. Hillary is grabbing up the swing states, she will win the Electoral College…it is essentially over so you might as well vote for her.  Hillary’s corruption train has already planned her arrogant victory party, even though she has not yet won.

3rd Debate - Smooth – smiling Hillary appeared paranoid – arrogant – conspiratoria

Oct 20, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

Trump soared, stayed mostly on focus, responded to Hillary’s endless low ball attacks with gut punches that worked again and again.

Trump shared lots of details regarding his vision for health care, the economy, and jobs, dealing with the Middle East and ISIS, the Supreme Court, 2nd amendment, right to life, on and on.  Fox moderator Chris Wallace asked the loaded questions that truly painted Trump and Hillary worlds apart. If anyone was confused as to where both candidates stood before last night, they shouldn’t be now. 

I was thrilled that Trump and Wallace brought up various forms of Hillary corruption, the WIKI leaks, emails, her corrupt foundation, letting the people of Haiti down and statements revealed in speech transcripts Hillary had given for big bucks, where she wanted and planned for open borders and open trade.

Christians listen up – No staying home this time – Show up and vote for Trump

Oct 16, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

Trump is America’s man – God’s man – the people’s man – women’s man – minority’s and inner city’s man.  Trump is the man.  Forget the dribbling speech of sell out criminal Hillary Clinton desperately trying to get her small crowds to get excited about being the first woman President -  ‘Isn’t it time for there to be a first woman president?” 

Let’s see if I can possibly get excited….Let us look at a small portion of Hillary’s glowing legacy.  She got Ambassador Stevens and his team murdered since she denied the many calls for help and told military standing by to stand down.  That would be leadership for a Ted Bundy company, not the head of the state department of America. 

By now, we know Hillary offers nothing but a tsunami of lies, scandals, deception, fraudulent media assaults on Trump, Bill’s victims and no doubt sexual acting out herself.  She has a bold plan to destroy our U.S. sovereignty.  She will turn us into a submission slave to Hillary’s corruption, executive orders, back room pay to play deals, the U.N.  New world order and Islam.

Hillary is digging to China to try and find dirt on Trump

Oct 12, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

If only Hillary can make America believe Trump hates women, is bad for children, is racist to minorities and would be dictatorial as President, she would win.  Thus, her controlled media slaves continue to dig into Trump’s involvements and past hoping to find ‘hate’  ‘immoral or racist’ statements. 

Hillary doesn’t need to find dirt on Trump since she will take any partial truth or seed and redefine the context and truth of it for her destructive purposes anyway.  She must paint herself as ‘do good Harriet’  ‘Father and Mother Christmas’ for America, and hope to smear Trump where ever she can in these last few weeks.  She hopes to confuse shock and distract enough voters with her Trump theatre antics that she can swing the election her way.  As with Hillary and her endless tactics…no one would find out the truth in time anyway.

Beck does not stand for God - morals or the U.S.

Oct 11, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

There is no worse hypocrisy and evil then for a high profile person like Glenn Beck to play the ‘pious’ owner of moral high ground,  and courageous – stand alone Christian card.  Beck is announcing that he will not vote for Trump and would rather have Hillary as President.  These days he is practically her campaign manager.  Beck has encouraged and campaigned for all his dwindling listeners and viewers to join him on his moral and Christian high ground island surrounded by ‘never Trumper sharks’ by not voting for Trump and even voting for Hillary.  Let’s have a moment of silence as we breathe in the Beck enlightenment.

Beck’s case in helping Hillary become President is that she can be controlled by the House and the Senate and pushed back. Really?  We cannot have ‘evil’ ‘video tarnished’ Trump in the White House, especially if we are real Christians and care about morals.

Well, I have news for hallucinogenic and phony Beck.  The only moral high ground Beck has lifts him from the ground about ½ inch,  just the perfect position for my sharp steel boot tip to kick his hypocritical and poser self out of the park.  Apparently, holier than thou Beck hasn’t read the scripture ‘He who has not sinned cast the first stone’ (John 8:7) Nor, has he cared to notice any truth or real context about the famous locker room talk video of Trump.

Trump clearly won Debate 2 -  He crushed PC and brought it to Hillary

Oct 10, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

There is simply no way Trump could win debate number 2 and frankly the White House until he confronted Hillary with the obvious and neon truth of her corruption,  crimes, lies and deception.  I thank God Trump brought it and then some during debate #2. 

Most Americans have known (if they even have a small IQ) that it is a crime to delete 33,000 emails (many marked with C for classified) after a subpoena was issued by the FBI for them.  Also, arrogantly calm – lipstick face Clinton obviously thinks the masses are dumb as posts when she said the emails were only about Chelsea’s wedding and yoga.  Thankfully, Trump said the obvious - “maybe 3 of 4 emails on a wedding or yoga, not 33,000.”

Trump shows humility regarding video:  “I said it and it was wrong”

Oct 9, 2016 — Dr. Laurie Roth

By now many of us have heard the 11-year-old video – ‘hot mic’ moment Trump had talking gutter talk about sex and women.  It was obviously ego and lust driven and wrong.  Naturally, everyone and their dogs have come to the party on this.  Some on the Republican side but most on the Hillary side who are thinking this is the October surprise and election blow that will crush Donald Trump.  Now everyone will know he really devalues women and is an ego driven fiend. Hillary will run in to save the nation, or is that really the case?

We only have a few more weeks until the most critical election of our times.  We must focus, vote right and not get distracted right now, even by this video.

Remember who Donald Trump is now and who he is becoming