Frank Polacek

Frank Polacek an Air Force veteran; served a yr. (1967) in Viet-Nam; owned a trucking business; worked as a diesel and heavy equipment mechanic; a welder and structural fabricator. Retired for health reasons but try to remain politically active.

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Treason against your country and your freedom

Mar 23, 2016 — Frank Polacek

The democrat party has sunk to the lowest possible level, it has selected and is actively supporting an admitted Marxist communist for the highest office in the once Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. In doing this, the democrat party has exposed its true colors for all to see and revealed its true seditious anti-American agenda. This is a reprehensible insult to our Korean and Vietnam veterans who fought and died in wars to keep specifically THIS perverted Hammer and Sickle ideology Bernie Sanders is peddling out of this country. Where are the righteous patriotic cries of outrage from the nation’s Vets’ Clubs? Why haven’t they stood up and publicly denounced the democrat party and Bernie Sanders for their treasonous activity?

Islam’s modus operandi

Nov 29, 2015 — Frank Polacek

After the savage Jihad massacre of unarmed innocents in Paris, our petulant “potentate”, predictably, defends the Muslim maniacs.

All Americans need to be reminded of this early CIA report which predicts our country’s fate if we allow Obama to complete his insurgent, seditious, “fundamental transformation” of America. To wit from Dr. Peter Hammond’s book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat:

Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God

Jun 30, 2015 — Frank Polacek

As we celebrate this 4th of July, take a moment to consider and reflect upon some forgotten founding history incorporated into our Declaration of Independence. Genuine American history, having been replaced and obscured by “Social Studies”, is no longer taught in our schools and has long since been lost to our memory, but fortunately that history is preserved in our archives available to anyone with an interest in searching it out.

Message to the TEA Party

Oct 21, 2012 — Frank Polacek

My message has been that before an enemy can be confronted and defeated, he must first be exposed and identified.

The well organized and well funded liberal domestic enemy within, stealthily oozing from their Trojan Horse like insects from a hive, communicate with each other in secret ambiguous code words, catch phrases, and propaganda slogans, like sustainable, comprehensive, single payer, quantative easing, sequestration, etc., which can mean just about anything to unwary and clueless mainstream real Americans not in their loop of influence.

Keep America genuine with only OEM parts

Aug 16, 2012 — Frank Polacek

It is amusing to see the Marxist pinko left squirming and squealing in panic over Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate, vitriolically excoriating him for the unforgivable sin of agreeing with our Founding Fathers and exalting our venerated founding principles.

Producer-Consumer Ratio

Nov 29, 2011 — Frank Polacek

I wonder what these Occupy Wall Street protestors, who call for the looting of banks which store their neighbors’ life savings, and abolishment of the capitalist wealth producing industry which provides them with employment and all the goodies they lustfully enjoy, have done to help create any of the wealth they now demand “redistribution” of?  It seems they are always first in line to demand their “fair share” of the cream off the top but want nothing to do with milking the cow or cleaning the barn.

America’s Christian founding heritage and Thanksgiving

Nov 21, 2011 — Frank Polacek

As a brief reminder of our country’s Christian founding heritage, excerpted below are some of the official Civil War era “Thanksgiving Proclamations of the State of Minnesota” – yrs. 1860, 1861, and 1862.

The 14th Amendment—America’s nemesis

Jan 25, 2011 — Frank Polacek

Until the 14th Amendment was added to the Constitution, the 1st Amendment ‘s restraints on the exercise of “federal” power simply did not apply to the States. The revolution initiated by the adoption of the 14th Amendment involved the imposition of new and far reaching constitutional restraints upon the States.

Separation of Church and State and the Establishment Clause

Jan 18, 2011 — Frank Polacek

This rung on the ladder addresses the most voraciously debated instrument of Marxist sedition we have in this country, the grossly misunderstood concept of “separation of church and state” and the equally misunderstood “establishment of religion” clause of the 1st Amendment.

The “Evolution” myth

Jan 13, 2011 — Frank Polacek

The “myth of evolution” is the most seditious of all attacks being made upon the foundational core principles of our Constitutional Republic.

Adding more rungs to the ladder of knowledge

Jan 7, 2011 — Frank Polacek

We have been reviewing evidence of the Tax Free Foundations’ “public policy” agenda and the dogmas they advance in their stated objective to influence, alter, and corrupt the minds of our people in order to program us into becoming mesmerized obedient world citizens in a Marxist world community. Here is another common and effective change instrument of their Marxist sedition.

From USA to USSA

Dec 19, 2010 — Frank Polacek

Part 2 addressed Humanist Manifestos 1 & 2 showing them as the foundation of communism into which we are to be merged. Here are some excerpts from Humanist 2000 and its connection to advancing the UN, adding some more pieces to the puzzle. To wit:

From America to AmeriKa

Dec 16, 2010 — Frank Polacek

In Part 1, we studied the Tax Free Foundations’ plan to merge the USA with the USSR.  Like Hitler’s Mein Kampf, warning us of what is to come, here are some if their instruments and pieces of their master plan.  The test of the Prophet is to see if his prophesies come true, so see how many of these things have now come to pass.  This is the meat and potatoes of the Liberal agenda, to wit:

Tax free Foundations conspiring to Soviet-ize AmeriKa?

Dec 14, 2010 — Frank Polacek

Have you wondered what those ‘catch phrase’ words “CHANGE” and “fundamentally transform” we heard so much about from Obama and the Liberal Democrats really mean and front for in their sinister worldview perspective? Consider this: