George Potts Thompson

Retired US Army, University Graduate, and Private Detective who does lots of undercover work ( I Did, Narcotics Investigations for Likes Bros. Shipping ) & wishes anonymity for Obvious reasons & therefore writes under a Pen Name.

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The Miracle of the Christmas Day Crossing

Dec 25, 2009 — George Potts Thompson

You are spending Christmas in a nation slipping into darkness.  I went to my sister’s home about 14 miles from here where everyone but my eldest sister was last night.  She is in Florida spending her first Christmas as a widow.  Her husband, a Combat Pilot and Two War Full Colonel passed away one year ago tonight.  He sleeps forever now in Arlington National Cemetery.

Firearms for home defence and hunting

Nov 3, 2009 — George Potts Thompson

This column is intended for those considering their first Firearms Purchase.  Given the current economic deterioating social condition in the US,  many people who never considered owning a firearm have now decided to do so.

Obama’s Titanic arrogance and the folly of ignoring the masses on 9/12

Sep 14, 2009 — George Potts Thompson

I was at the 9/12 Rally on the Capital Lawn.  Like a lot of people I took the time, effort and expense to go to the seat of power and be counted with my fellow American Patriots.  I have never seen so many people in one place in my life.  The crowd was shoulder to shoulder all the way from the Capital Steps to the Washington Monument a MILE away, and also covered the side streets feeding into the area. The US Park Service allegedly said it was the largest gathering at the Capitol…. ever.  All protestations of Keith Olberman, David Shuster and Chris Matthews to the contrary.

The Reckoning

Sep 1, 2009 — George Potts Thompson

Russian Professor Igor Panarin postulates the collapse of the US by early November.  He is “Doctor of Political Sciences, and Professor of the Russian Diplomatic Academy Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

The real Kennedy heroes

Aug 31, 2009 — George Potts Thompson

Jack Kennedy went to war in a dangerous area of the South Pacific (Guadalcanal), to serve as captain of an 80-Ft., plywood Patrol Torpedo Boat and almost got killed for his trouble.

The Iron Curtain Descends upon America, and gets Ripped to Shreds

Aug 11, 2009 — George Potts Thompson

It had to happen at some point in our history.  A tyrant came to power.  His goal is the destruction of the Republic, and an end to freedom. His banker handlers stole our wealth and many Americans are unemployed and losing their homes.

Riding out the Recession and whatever else is thrown your way

Jul 7, 2009 — George Potts Thompson

One of the arguments against stockpiling food. First off…. why bother? The supermarkets are always full, aren’t they? Why spend the extra money?  If you are reading CFP, you must have some sense that the world has changed—and not for the better.

Radio Free America of the People

Jun 18, 2009 — George Potts Thompson

(In an atmosphere where Americans are worried about their future in Obamaland , George Potts Thompson’s Surviving Obama’s America home page is being launched today. 

Keeping in communication with friends and loved ones will be the most important challenge in the event of a pandemic, martial law or other events,  and in his first article, Thompson gives you tips on how to do just that.

Over time, the radio communications system he is talking about could be a sort of Radio Free America Of the People.  It could be called, “A Place to Come To”.

Thompson, already hooked up to General Lee Radio, wants Canada Free Press to acquire the GL with a good -antenna.  CFP’s Judi McLeod and Brian Thompson (no relation to George) are studying the requisite Morse Code in order to qualify.)

America’s Coming Tectonic Shift

May 17, 2009 — George Potts Thompson

Many of CFP’s readers probably have felt what I am now feeling.  Something just seems fundamentally wrong, and it’s unnerving.  What may be about to happen to our Republic is a complete change in what we’ve always thought was permanent in America.  Glenn Beck calls it “The Perfect Storm” and the term is prescient.  Several domestic and worldwide events could utterly change our lives forever. The events are economic, sociological, geo-political, and military.  If the outcome is to be for good or ill,  is up to the American people.

Of Pandemics, Politics, and Preparedness

May 3, 2009 — George Potts Thompson

In less than one week.  America went from “Dancing With the Stars” to “Twelve Monkeys.”  We can speculate how and why this FLU suddenly “appeared” out of nowhere.  We will not likely determine anytime soon whether this was a natural event, or caused by mankind either accidentally or deliberately.

Why Liberals Love Dictators 101

Apr 26, 2009 — George Potts Thompson

The very people who rail on ad nauseum about Social Injustice, Poverty, Militarism, and Disenfranchisement for some inexplicable reason, seem to venerate and oft times adore thuggish Third World Dictators.  The examples are endless:  Jimmy Carters’ validation of Hugo Chavez’s rigged election.  Half of Malibu’s entertainment glitterati making pilgrimages to Fidel’s or El Jefe’ Hugo Chavez’s Workers Paradise, then lauding those dictatorship’s political and health care systems as models for the world to emulate.  Michael Moore’s “Crockumentary” of the same socialist paradise of Cuba.  Lastly our newly minted President sitting through Daniel Ortega’s anti-American screed whilst nodding in affirmation, then apologizing for America’s alleged sins toward Latin America.

The DHS Memo Is an Attempt to Politicise Law Enforcement

Apr 21, 2009 — George Potts Thompson

This is far worse than you imagine.

What all of you fail to grasp was that the entire point of the DHS memo which is POLITICIZE state and local law enforcement.  That memo will be read by some big city liberal police chief, like the former Montgomery County Md Chief Moose It will give him “Probable Cause” to begin an investigation upon some schmuck who has an NRA or Ron Paul bumper sticker on their vehicle.