Grace-Marie Turner

Grace-Marie Turner is president of the Galen Institute, a nonprofit research organization focusing on patient-centered health reform.

Readers may write her at Galen, 128 So. Royal St., Alexandria, VA 22314 or e-mail her at [email protected]

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Let ObamaCare expire; there will be few mourners

Jul 30, 2017 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia — President Trump tweeted in mid-July: “As I have always said, let ObamaCare fail and then come together and do a great healthcare plan.  Stay tuned!”

ObamaCare is indeed collapsing on its own.  Average premiums are up 105 percent since the health overhaul law took effect, and premiums will soar again next year, based upon early announcements.  That will drive more young and healthy people away, further destabilizing the health insurance markets.

Putting bandages on a dying program won’t help, we need to start anew

Sep 23, 2016 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — After embracing ObamaCare, Hillary Clinton surely must be hoping that health reform stays in the background in the presidential campaign, even as events blast it into the headlines.

Costs for individual ObamaCare policies are expected to be 24 percent higher next year.  Voters will see for themselves the huge premium spikes when open enrollment starts—just a week before election day.

Insurers are pulling out of the exchanges after losing billions of dollars, leaving people with fewer choices.  Deductibles are soaring to as high as $12,000 on exchanges policies, and many people say they might as well be uninsured.

Congress readies coverage for all, no matter how the court rules on state exchanges

May 7, 2015 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia—If you like your coverage, you can keep your coverage.  That’s the pledge leading members of Congress are making to six million Americans at risk of losing their health insurance this year because of Obama administration actions.

Healthcare costs are soaring; they’ll rise even more as the law takes full effect

Oct 2, 2014 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia--When President Obama was promoting passage of health reform, he promised that the average American family would save $2,500 a year on health insurance costs.  But since the law passed in 2010, costs have risen by more than $5,000.

Courts should stick with ObamaCare’s legal language—not Obama’s scofflaw rewrite

Aug 14, 2014 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia—The Affordable Care Act gives the president’s cabinet officers sweeping powers to implement the law, but the administration managed to overreach these powers by allowing people in 36 states to illegally access health insurance subsidies.

Obama’s young supporters unlikely to pay premium prices for ObamaCare

Jun 4, 2013 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Virtually all Americans will be required to have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act starting in 2014, and President Obama especially wants young, healthy people to sign up.

ObamaCare simply isn’t affordable; it will impose huge new burdens on consumers and business

Mar 6, 2013 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — With unemployment stubbornly high and economic growth shrinking, it is clear the economy is headed in the wrong direction.  And ObamaCare is a major cause.

Obamacare:  More and more Democrats now worry the sweeping law may hurt them at the polls

May 3, 2012 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Rep. Barney Frank has led a parade of Democrats in renouncing the passage of the Affordable Care Act, suggesting the far-reaching law may be a net deficit for the party on Election Day.

Supremes should declare ObamaCare unconstitutional

Mar 27, 2012 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — ObamaCare is unconstitutional down to its very DNA.  The U.S. Supreme Court can save itself and the country years of litigation by striking down the entire law when it issues its decision this summer.

ObamaCare’s latest assault on freedom

Feb 1, 2012 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Catholic Church has unleashed a firestorm of opposition to the Obama Administration’s announcement last month that it will require religious-affiliated organizations to provide coverage by next year for contraception — including controversial drugs that can abort an early pregnancy.

Despite his artful dodging, the GOP debates make clear Romney still favors an ObamaCare approach

Nov 8, 2011 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Opposition to ObamaCare motivated millions of Americans to throw more than 60 Democrats out of Congress last November — largely because they had supported the despised health overhaul law.

Repealing ObamaCare will create legions of new jobs and usher in a new age of prosperity

Sep 7, 2011 — Grace-Marie Turner

Alexandria, VA. — The best thing that Congress can do to unleash jobs creation is to repeal ObamaCare, James Sherk, Heritage Foundation, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Dennis Lockhart, Congressional Budget Office, Douglas Elmendorf,

Congress must act quickly to halt this power grab by unelected technocrats

Aug 4, 2011 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — There is no question that Medicare must be improved to provide better health benefits to seniors at lower costs.  But Congress is abdicating its constitutional responsibility by giving a panel of 15 unelected technocrats the power to cut Medicare spending and make decisions which will only result in rationing of care.

Healthcare waivers spread joy to Obama’s friends and campaign contributors but shun average American

May 26, 2011 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Department of Health and Human Services already has gone through one name change in its 58-year-old history, switching to HHS in 1980 from its original name – the Department of Health, Education and Welfare.

The Op-Ed on Generic Drugs

Apr 25, 2011 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The whole point of providing a prescription drug benefit in any health plan is to make sure that patients have access to the right medicines to treat their specific illnesses.

Why, then, would some analysts recommend that state officials limit the prescription drugs available through Medicaid just to generic drugs when evidence shows those may not be the right drugs for individual patients?

Resolute actions by GOP and Dem governors may yet save Medicaid for the poor

Mar 3, 2011 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The battle over Medicaid’s proper role in health reform has been a hotly contested tug of war thus far, but that likely will change as more governors join the fray and flex their collective muscle.

PolitiFact’s assertion that ObamaCare isn’t a government takeover ignores the cold, hard facts

Jan 3, 2011 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA. Va. — PolitiFact, which aspires to be the online oracle of all things true and untrue in the political debate, is wrong in saying it is the lie of the year when people call ObamaCare a “government takeover of health care.”

Slicing and Dicing ObamaCare

Jan 3, 2011 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The American people consistently have said they fear government control over their healthcare choices.  And the more they learn about ObamaCare, the more they realize their fears are justified.

Judge Hudson made the right constitutional decision on the individual mandate

Dec 14, 2010 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The most unpopular provision in Obamacare — the mandate requiring individuals to buy healthcare plans from private insurers — has been declared unconstitutional on two crucial grounds in its first serious court test.

A resolute GOP can chop off the many heads of the ObamaCare hydra over the next two years

Nov 26, 2010 — Grace-Marie Turner

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A vote to repeal ObamaCare will be high on the agenda of the House of Representatives when the new Congress convenes in January, and the bill is very likely to pass the House with support from both Republicans and conservative — or at least frightened — Democrats.