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Gretchen Olson is a writer, and business owner an online information resource. She works from her home outside of Chicago.

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‘Fido’ unleashed: Google, Wells Fargo, IRS embrace universal Biometric ID System

Mar 26, 2015 — Gretchen Olson

With the roll-out of the Apple Pay thumb-scanning payment system late last year, biometric identification has been introduced into the daily lives of Americans. But Apple Pay is only the beginning of a biometric revolution coming to the United States and countries around the world. Heads of global technology companies, along with top officials in the federal government, have been working for several years on creating a “universal” system for identification of every citizen using the internet. And it goes by the friendly label, FIDO.

The Global Reporting Initiative: Yes, Your Grocery Store is Forcing You Into Agenda 21

Apr 5, 2014 — Gretchen Olson

The Global Reporting Initiative: Yes, Your Grocery Store is Forcing You Into Agenda 21

Agenda 21, the United Nation’s open plan for global sustainability, is widely understood to be voluntary. Critics of the scheme, however, insist the UN is engaging in double-speak, and that this so-called “volunteer” status is actually creating a world government through the interlinking of UN bureaucracies and international corporations.

We’re Going Galt—Packing Up or Thinking Secession, Americans Have Had Enough

Feb 20, 2014 — Gretchen Olson

Americans are fed up. They feel ignored by representatives more interested in corporate connections than the Constitution. They protest unelected agencies who spy on them and run their lives at home. They complain about the speaker of the house who refuses to follow the principles of his party.

States Trouncing Drones 42 to 8 – But Are We Winning?

Feb 13, 2014 — Gretchen Olson

In what appears to be a victory for privacy advocates, a significant majority of American states now have pending bills or approved legislation restricting the use of UAVs against citizens.  According to a recent article from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)  42 states have or are considering drone privacy statutes and 8 have rejected, or show no signs of movement on the issue.

5 Big Ways to Keep A Little Privacy in Your Spied Upon Life

Feb 7, 2014 — Gretchen Olson

There’s a lot of talk about “reducing your digital footprint.” Well, good luck. Today literally everything is virtually gathered or tracked or cached somewhere, from your smiling face at your sister’s birthday party to the number of six-packs you bought for Super Bowl weekend to your license plate number grabbed while you were waiting for your kids to come out of soccer practice.

How Conservatives Lost the Light Bulb (and Got it Back Again)

Feb 5, 2014 — Gretchen Olson

Average American conservatives, many of them self-associated with the Tea Party movement, are dancing a little jig, this time in warm light.  In the negotiated draft of the recently passed omnibus spending bill, they got their beloved incandescent lights back.

The Micro Brown-out: Yes, Utilities Are Cutting Off Power with Smart Grid

Feb 2, 2014 — Gretchen Olson

Long considered rumor and conspiracy gossip, utilities are now confirming they can indeed control the flow of electricity into homes using wireless communication with the Smart Grid.  Under pilot programs in cooperation with the Department of Energy, regional power companies such as EPB in Chattanooga, Tennessee may cut the flow of electricity to specific appliances in the homes of their customers during times of peak use.