Corey Hunt

Corey Hunt is a freelance journalist, blogger, and human rights activist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Born in Concord, Massachusetts, he grew up in New Hampshire and moved to California at the age of 16. He recently spent time with Kurdish Peshmerga forces in northern Iraq and with refugees on the Turkey-Syria border, near the flashpoint city of Kobane. He has also authored numerous drug war dispatches from Mexico and studied Islam while visiting both India and Nepal. Other travels he has undertaken include Colombia, Venezuela, and Sri Lanka. He is a vigorous supporter of Iranian democracy, especially since 2009. His website can be found at

Most Recent Articles by Corey Hunt:

Peace and a new beginning are not on the horizon

Apr 24, 2015 — Corey Hunt

War must be averted. This is the appealing narrative, the glue that has held the theater of the Iran nuclear negotiations together for more than a decade as Western and UN powers try to talk it out with the Islamic Republic in Geneva.

Alex Jones scores one for tyranny

Apr 25, 2013 — Corey Hunt

Practically the moment the two bombs tore through the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing or maiming hundreds of people, media personality Alex Jones declared that Americans will not be told the truth by their government.

Blasphemy: the first order of business

Nov 11, 2012 — Corey Hunt

When the final results of the 2012 presidential race trickled in on the evening of November 6th, opponents of Barack Obama and his agenda were forced to accept them for what they were. The defeat was a crushing blow for many, but others – including friends and family of mine – were quick to jump back on their feet and declare that everything would be okay. “It’s not as if the sun won’t come up tomorrow,” I was told.

A Descent Back to the Dark Ages

Oct 29, 2012 — Corey Hunt

As the last days of the presidential campaign wind down, I’ve had two thoughts on my mind that won’t go away. The first pertains to the ongoing discussion about a “War on Women” taking place in the United States and the fear held by a surprisingly large number of liberal people I know who feel America will end up back in the mid-20th Century should Mitt Romney and the Republicans claim victory on November 6th.

Priorities Must Be Reconsidered Immediately

Sep 25, 2012 — Corey Hunt

Over the weekend I maintained hope that on Monday my words from last week’s column about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his visit to New York City for a United Nations summit would be rendered void.

The Arab Spring Hollows Out

Sep 17, 2012 — Corey Hunt

America woke up on Friday morning to more images of adult children torching things and calling for death on several continents over a ridiculous and poorly made movie that mocks the religion of Islam. Shortly after, President Obama and Hillary Clinton expressed their admiration for murdered ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens as his body arrived back in the United States.