Dr. Isaac Yetiv

Born in Tunisia and French educated. French Degrees in Math Physics. Lived in Israel from 1950 to 1967 where I taught same. Obtained a degree in French literature and Political Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Got involved in politics and was elected to the City council of Haifa in 1965. Took part in the six-day war in Jordan and the Golan Heights. Came to the US in 1967 after the war. Taught Hebrew at the U of Wisconsin , Madison,where I obtained my Ph.D. in French and African Literature.Taught at the U of Hartford, at UConn, U of Akron where I was Head of Dept of Modern Languages.Published 5 books, hundreds of articles, especially on Middle-East and US system of government. Lectured extensively all over the world.Now retired in La Jolla, CA.

Most Recent Articles by Dr. Isaac Yetiv:

Blind, stubborn ideology, gross incompetence caused capitulation to Iranian totalitarian theocracy

Jul 31, 2015 — Dr. Isaac Yetiv

Almost two years of “negotiations,“the final “deal"appears as a total surrender of the Obama government to all the demands of the Ayatollahs who boasted that all their red lines have been met. The deal will put them on the path to become a nuclear power, not as a pariah but legitimized by the US and Europe;they will continue to enrich uranium and to develop their ICBM program; the lifting of the sanctions will give them 150 billion dollars to improve their economy and their military capabilities which include, of course, strengthening Hizbollah, Hamas, and other purveyors of terror in the troubled Middle-East.

The Supreme Court, another usurper of Congress constitutional functions

Jul 7, 2015 — Dr. Isaac Yetiv

The Founding Fathers in their wisdom made the “Separation of Powers” one of the pillars of American democracy. The US Constitution clearly and unequivocally stipulates that “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives.”

There have been historically a few cases when the Executive Power usurped the authority of the Legislative Power , but our current president arrogantly made it a habit and , without hesitation, violated the Constitution when it suited his political aims. Experts have tallied about a dozen of such acts. Here are a few of the most flagrant and inexplicable unilateral edicts : he unilaterally allowed one-year grace period and delayed implementation of employer mandate (Obamacare) ; he unilaterally waived the requirement of work for receiving welfare (1996 law) ; he unilaterally provided federal benefits to illegal aliens and granted deferred action on deportation that favors four to five million illegal aliens.

The Socialist Pope and the Socialist President

May 29, 2015 — Dr. Isaac Yetiv

A few days after Pope Francis recognized the “State of Palestine,” he honored the “Chairman of the Palestinian Authority” Mahmoud Abbas, in a ceremony at the Vatican, and called him “the Angel of Peace,” thus adding insult to injury. He also insulted History twice:

Obama, Netanyahu and the Ayatollah

Apr 3, 2015 — Dr. Isaac Yetiv

The tempest that has recently blown over the US-Israel relations has one unique source, the personality and far-leftist ideology of one man, President Obama: his narcissistic belief and arrogant unilateral acts that are anathema to the American political system; his intolerance to dissenting views that brook no dissent from the other co-equal branch of government, the US Congress or from a foreign Prime Minister such as Netanyahu; his disdain of the US Constitution and his violation of its most cherished tenets; and his vindictive and punishing reactions against those who dare infringe upon his dictatorial fiats, like a monarch insulted by his vassals who committed the crime of “lese-majeste.”