J. Robert

J. Robert is dual US/Canadian citizen, with a graduate degrees from Univ. of Illinois in linguistics, and Regent College, Univ. of British Columbia, in theological studies. Robert's has been a project manager in the health care field for two decades, and maintain PMP, ITIL and Six Sigma certifications.

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1938’s Kristallnacht re-enacted for today

Sep 14, 2015 — J. Robert

“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was ‘legal’.” Martin Luther King

Just as you saw the Nazis do during their Kristallnacht thuggery (breaking of Jewish store windows by Nazi brown shirt thugs, to destroy the livelihoods of Jews) in 1938,  so the radical gays are doing today – not by brown shirt thugs, but in this case black robed thugs (otherwise, no difference). If you doubt that there is thuggery involved, ask yourself why pro-marriage Kim Davis went to jail in TN., but Gavin Newsome, leftist mayor of SF, did not when he allowed gay marriages in SF, when it was against the law; or, for example, why the mayors of sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants are not jailed. Or for that matter, why Obama crony Jon Corzine, who “misplaced” $1.6 billion of private investor money to cover bad bets he made at MF Global, or even Hillary or Lois Lerner, with their recent antics, have not been prosecuted.

Why Morning Will Come

Mar 20, 2015 — J. Robert

Recognition of the inevitability of comprehensive bureaucratization does not solve the problems that arise out of it.—Joseph Schumpter, Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy

Many of us—including me—worry about the downward arc of liberty, ethics and economic freedom. If you are taking the time to read this short article, in all likelihood, I needn’t detail the myriad challenges we face, even at a high level.  Rather, the question is: is there any hope? Or are we fated to descend into a new Dark Age, aided and abetted, in the famous words of Winston Churchill regarding National Socialism, by “perverted science?”