Jack Puglis

Jack Puglis, a lifelong conservative, managed engineering development for most of his career and more recently has prepared and presented numerous training courses in leadership, management and organizational development. He has been a lifelong student of economics, finance, management science, leadership theory and politics. Jack Puglis holds a BS and MS in electrical engineering and an MBA. Jack can be reached at: jpuglis @ optonline.net

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Kabuki Debt Ceiling Nonsense

Sep 24, 2015 — Jack Puglis

It’s the Autumnal Equinox, the first day of fall.  It just keeps coming around.

So does the Kabuki Theater in congress over the debt ceiling, which will ultimately be raised.  The show that accompanies the process will be characterized by the usual irrational plot, appalling acting, extremely competent Democrat propaganda and not much benefit for the nation.

Republicans know very well that the Democrat propaganda machine has already revved up and is snorting and pawing at the gate, ready to trample on Republicans for any interference whatsoever in the process to raise the debt ceiling.  This causes one to wonder: where is the Republican response, and why does it always seem to be suspiciously faint?

John Hall’s Shame

Sep 30, 2010 — Jack Puglis

Democrat Congressman John Hall’s (NY-19) campaign manager, somebody named Patrick McGarrity, must fail to understand the meaning of his own words.

McGarrity authored an email  that described the mission of the Facebook ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. (Collectivist Redistributionist Anti-American Progressive Totalitarian Antagonistic Slanderous Treasonous Insidious Cretin) page as hate filled.  [STRIKE ONE]

The Nefarious Force Behind Cap-and-Trade

Dec 3, 2009 — Jack Puglis

Recently, a number of emails have been hacked from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU).  Many articles have come out by atmospheric scientists and journalists indicating that the hacked emails point to one thing: the scientists at CRU were falsifying (“cooking”) their data [look here, here and here].  They appeared to be doing this to force the data to match a foregone objective: that the earth is warming as a result of carbon dioxide, methane and other so-called greenhouse gasses.