Jacques Robichaud

Jacques Robichaud is self employed and has studied Political Science and History at the University of Moncton and the University of Montréal. He writes extensively about the Occupy movement and leftist economic thinking (in French). Jacques is mostly interested in politics and economics, and is a fan of the Habs and Alexis De Tocqueville’s America.

Most Recent Articles by Jacques Robichaud:

Islamic Terrorism: Where Can We Turn For Leadership?

Jul 29, 2014 — Jacques Robichaud

There should be no sympathy for a terrorist aggressor like Hamas who fires thousands of rockets indiscriminately into largely populated centers in Israel, targeting civilians.


Jun 27, 2014 — Jacques Robichaud

Impeachment is the only procedural mechanism in the American system of government that can be used to remove from office a president who has willfully abused his executive power under the Constitution.

Obama needs to go

Jun 18, 2014 — Jacques Robichaud

Some say the Obama presidency is over. Some say he is an irretrievably damaged president plagued by multiple scandals and controversies, and that his power and influence is greatly diminished by these scandals. This could not be further from the truth.

A Conservative that stays true and does not buckle

May 7, 2014 — Jacques Robichaud

When it comes to voting, people look for clear alternatives. During the 2012 American federal election many Americans were looking for the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, to make the argument that the Obama presidency was a failure and that it was leading the country toward a dangerous and destructive path (which is a legitimate argument).When it comes to voting, people look for clear alternatives.

Capitalism: a response to Thomas Picketty

Apr 30, 2014 — Jacques Robichaud

There are some in our society, like Thomas Picketty, who like to blame capitalism for all of society’s ills. They won’t come out and say it openly, but they have always believed in their mind that it is an unfair economic system in which only the privileged few reap in the benefits, while all others are victims or casualties if you will, of this sordid force we call free market capitalism.