Jenna A. Robinson

Jenna A. Robinson is president of the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal, Raleigh, NC and serves on the North Carolina Advisory Committee for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

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Harvard’s new rule replaces free thinkers with goose steppers

Feb 17, 2018 — Jenna A. Robinson

Harvard's Intolerance
RALEIGH, NC— Harvard, like many elite universities, has become increasingly intolerant.  It has sought, through a series of administrative decisions, to substitute its own values for the individual moral consciences of its students and to punish those who stray from the university’s narrow dogma.

Most recently, Harvard moved to ban all exclusive social clubs, including fraternities and sororities, by 2022.
Despite Harvard’s promises that student rights are of primary importance on campus, the proposal would deprive students of their fundamental right to freedom of association, enshrined in the First Amendment.