Jerry Sobel

Jerry Sobel has a B.A. Degree in 20th century European History and a Masters in International Relations from The City College of New York. He is a staunch Zionist and has been writing articles on Israel and Jewish concerns for 40 years. Amongst publications throughout the world, his most recent works have been an Op. Ed in the Daily Jewish Press, The American Thinker, and Israpundit.

Most Recent Articles by Jerry Sobel:

Anti-Semitism on Campus

Sep 21, 2015 — Jerry Sobel

As Jews and friends of the Jewish people we tend to concentrate on events in the Middle East and acts of anti-Semitism in the homeland of Jewish hatred, Europe.  No doubt today as never before since the Holocaust, anti-Semitism is alive and well in these hotspots.  But make no mistake there is an insidious anti-Semitism now underway, increasingly violent, and a lot closer to home.

Our college and university campuses are awash with left wing, Muslim student organizations; many of which are funded by the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as such lovelies as Hamas, Hezbollah, and even our good friends the Saudis.  These groups, in unity with other radicals and under the guise of opposition to Israel have made it abundantly clear, their hatred is more so for Jews than for Israel.  To the surprise of some but not to all, far too many of these participants call themselves Jews.

In Their Own Words

Mar 22, 2012 — Jerry Sobel

If not so tragic it would be comical the way today’s generation of left wing Jewish “intelligentsia” are in lock step with the Palestinian/Islamic narrative concerning the Middle East conflict.  Many, included within this group are M.D.s, PH.d’s, Professors, and their impressionable undergraduate wards that were either not alive or too young to remember what actually happened on the lead up to the Six Day War, or how and why Israel came to control Judea and Samaria; what some erroneously call the West Bank.