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K. Alexander Ashe is the CEO and founder of Spendcast, a hi-tech firm that develops Apps with the ability to spur financial intelligence in their users. He holds a master’s in industrial engineering degree from Columbia University. Readers may e-mail him at [email protected]

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Devos should tout personal finance courses as she remodels K-12

Jun 7, 2017 — K. Alexander Ashe

BETHESDA, Maryland — As Secretary of Education Betsy Devos sets out to reform America’s underperforming public schools, here’s hoping she puts their appalling lack of personal finance instruction near the top of her list.

It’s difficult to believe, but our nation’s high schools are flunking badly when it comes to imbuing their students with the key elements of financial literacy.  But facts are facts!

A recent study by the Council for Economic Education (CEE) found that only 17 states require high school seniors to take courses in personal finance — unchanged from two years before.