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Little Tboca: My Country is America the land of the free – “One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for All.” A grandmother of seven awesome angels and a proud mother of four beautiful adult children. Not with pride, I raise my hand as a “baby boomer” because I was one of millions who played around in our sandbox until the sand was all gone. I was too busy living the good life to spend much time worrying about my Country or who was running it.........

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Good Morning, America

Jul 18, 2015 — Little Tboca

Good morning, America, time to jump out of bed grab a cup of coffee and hit the freeway.  Millions of people are depending on you – they need their food stamps and welfare money.  Don’t even think about retiring early because that’s a misty dream that probably isn’t going to happen.  Uncle Sam is standing at your doorway with his hand out, because without your contribution he’d be on the streets begging China and Japan for another big financial fix.