Marc Duchamp

Mark Duchamp, is a Freelance Writer and President, Save the Eagles International and Chairman, World Council for Nature.

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Wind farms bring the Egyptian vulture to near-extinction in Andalusia

Apr 9, 2018 — Marc Duchamp

Red kite sliced by wind turbine in Germany. At their tips, the blades can reach speeds of up to 190 mph
Save the Eagles International has been blowing the whistle on bird slicing wind turbines since its foundation in 2011, and I personally since 2002. Most ornithologists, affected by conflicts of interest, have been denying all along that species of rare birds could face extinction because of the installation of wind farms in their environment. New findings prove they were wrong.

Trump’s energy policy

Jul 3, 2017 — Marc Duchamp

I know Donald Trump makes no mention of renewable energy in his speech (video below), but if fossil fuels and nuclear are to be revived as promised, energy prices will come down, and renewables will be outpriced by an even larger margin.

US subsidies to wind energy are already being phased out: the Production Tax Credit in 2017 is down to 80% of its previous level, and will move further down to 60% and 40% in 2018 and 2019.

The Times: wind turbines may have caused the death of 3 whales

May 24, 2017 — Marc Duchamp

Over a year ago WCFN published an article where we suggested that the beaching of 17 sperm whales – a toll that finally reached 29 – had been caused by offshore wind turbines, numerous in the southern part of the North Sea where the tragedy happened: 17 sperm whales stranded on beaches in a vast offshore windfarm zone

2 of the 29 sperm whales beached in the 2016 event

Wind turbines in the Great Lakes will also cause millions of migrating birds to die

Mar 22, 2017 — Marc Duchamp

Re: comment file number 16-1871-EL-BGN
Dear Sir or Madam,

The World Council for Nature opposes the erection of wind turbines in the Great Lakes, in view of the predictable contamination of their waters by oil leaks, oil spills and cleaning detergents from these machines and their maintenance crews and vessels. Upon request, we will provide you with documented evidence of pollution caused by wind turbines.

Hiding evidence of the massacre

Sep 13, 2016 — Marc Duchamp

News of bird and bat deaths at wind farms have reduced to a trickle. Does that mean that a solution has been found? Yes, it has, but it’s not what you think. Wind turbines are every year more numerous and the massacre they cause is ever increasing. What has changed is that the cover up is now effective at 100%, or just about.

The following news sheds light on the latest technique for making mortality data unavailable to the public (and the media):

Wind farm sues to block bird death data

Yes, you read correctly: “releasing (the wind farm’s) bird and bat kill reports would provide “trade secrets” to its competitors”. Surrealist, isn’t it? But that’s only one of the many lies we must deal with when investigating that hugely subsidized industry. We present the “trade secrets” they are trying to hide: