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Marijane Green is a Military Mom and journalism graduate from Wichita State University

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Las Vegas, Nevada, where unity, fun and smiles are all around

Aug 18, 2015 — Marijane Green

109 degree F Las Vegas, Nevada: I said to my son, a Marine veteran who had a short break between summer and fall college semesters, as we walked among the crowds both inside and outside hotels on our short Las Vegas trip, “I haven’t seen anybody who appears to be on vacation here who doesn’t appear happy,” as I noted families, couples, and others relaxing, smiling and enjoying themselves.

The unity of families and friends, from across the color spectrum, ruled the day. Each day we’ve been here, people of many races and colors, and various religions interacted in peace and unity. Languages from around the world could be heard at restaurants, shows, in the casinos, and at any of several pools where we stayed at the MGM Grand.

Sage, the War on Terror and Coming Home

Nov 18, 2014 — Marijane Green

Sage, the War on Terror and Coming Home

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS USA:  I read with heavy heart, at Canada Free Press, stories by Doug Hagmann about “The passing of an icon,” the death of his dog King. As I read it in September, parts of it rang true in my life as well, very similar I thought at the time, and now, unfortunately, even more so. Like King, Sage came into our lives in 2004, abandoned in our yard, also as Hagmann writes about his King, Sage, too, was accepted into our home, “ a small puppy who was underweight and malnourished, who was deliberately and unceremoniously abandoned by someone’s unconscionably inhumane decision and selfish actions.”

Doug Hagmann tells seminar three major crisis events are imminent

Jun 9, 2013 — Marijane Green

Raleigh-Durham, NC-Three major crisis events are about to take place, revealed Doug Hagmann, the featured speaker Saturday 8 June 2013, on the second day of the “National Insecurity” seminar held in at the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church outside of Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Over Nashville, 1963-the year the world woke up

Jun 7, 2013 — Marijane Green

Dateline: over Nashville 8:30am CST

“Wheee…we’re flying,” the child by the window excitedly said in glee, as our plane took off from Nashville Friday morning.