Dr. Michael Pravica

Dr. Michael Pravica has been an activist over the past 23 years on a variety of issues. He has over 500 letters and opinion pieces published all over the world and dozens of radio and television interviews to his credit.

Most Recent Articles by Dr. Michael Pravica:

Censorship at Middlebury College

Mar 11, 2017 — Dr. Michael Pravica

The recent embarrassing censorship of Dr. Charles Murray at the hands of a student mob at Middlebury College1 gave me horrible flashbacks of my numerous unforgettable experiences with academic censorship as a Serbian-American activist in the Boston area when I was a graduate student at Harvard in the 1990s 2.

During this time, the Yugoslav civil wars were raging and the media and Western politicians were blaming the Serbs for everything bad that happened in the Balkans and beyond 3. Many conferences and lectures were suddenly and spontaneously organized at local colleges and universities. But just like the corporate-controlled mainstream media discussion of the “facts” surrounding tragic civil wars in the former Yugoslavia, I found that they were consistently presenting only 1/2 (or less) of the real story4,5.

Propaganda and the mainstream media

Nov 7, 2016 — Dr. Michael Pravica

Over 80 years ago, Joseph Geobbels taught us that the lie told 1000 times over becomes the truth as the Nazis developed sophisticated propaganda techniques to incite Germans and their fanatical collaborators and puppets to commit genocide against their enemies.  This lesson was not lost on the Western corporate-controlled media many decades later which never had more ability to distort the truth, spin, censor, and outright lie at the speed of light.