Nelson Taylor Sol

Nelson Taylor Sol is a member of the directorate of the Cuban Canadian Foundation

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A Danish cartoonist from a Cuban’s perspective

Jul 15, 2012 — Nelson Taylor Sol

My encounter with Kurt Westergaard was an unforgettable experience. Shaking his hand and spending over 3 hours with the man, was one of the greatest honors I have ever experienced.

Laura Pollán, the leader of the Ladies in White, has just died in Cuba

Oct 16, 2011 — Nelson Taylor Sol

Laura Pollán, the leader of the Ladies in White, has just died in Cuba in circumstances less than clear. She was a common Cuban, someone who didn’t even consider going political; just too busy with the ordeal of getting the basics of human existence, a very old trick used by communist regimes to make opposition almost impossible to conceive.

Canada’s dilemma on Cuba

Mar 31, 2011 — Nelson Taylor Sol

The recent release of Dr. Oscar Biscet and the two remaining prisoners of conscience from Cuban jails could mark a turning point in the recent history of Cuba.

All these years, where has Canada been?

Mar 5, 2010 — Nelson Taylor Sol

imageThe immolation for the freedom of Cuba by the prisoner of conscience Orlando Zapata reveals, once again, the intrinsic evil of the Castro dictatorship. Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children have encountered their deaths at the hands of the regime’s repressive apparatus throughout 5 decades of communist nightmare. Several generations of Cubans have never enjoyed the most basic rights and freedoms. Nevertheless, the utter contempt toward human life by the Castro brothers has not been able to silence the voices of those who, like Orlando, prefer the physical death to the spiritual death.