Paul Pekarek

Paul Pekarek is a retired U.S. Air Force officer who has also spent 35 years studying science, geography, politics, economics, religions, military affairs, security, adult education, spaceflight, and history. His professional career has included intercontinental ballistic missiles, mapmaking, adult education, foreign military sales, satellites, remote sensing, nuclear warfare, leadership, and technical intelligence. He is currently a Freelance Writer and Independent Consultant living with his family in Minnesota.

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Entitlements are not Endowed

Mar 18, 2011 — Paul Pekarek

Man made ‘entitlements’.  Man can unmake ‘entitlements’, to free us all so we can live.

Man made ‘entitlements’.  ‘Entitlements’ are not Endowed By Their Creator.  ‘Entitlements’ are not sacred.  Man can un-make ‘entitlements’.  And stark reality says we had better hurry.  The good news is that a dramatic revision of ‘entitlements’ can both eliminate the annual federal deficit and pay down the national debt—while still keeping faith with our seniors.

Nature Still Reigns Supreme

Mar 16, 2011 — Paul Pekarek

We look at utter devastation in northeastern Japan’s coastal region, after it was tossed about by a series of earthquakes punctuated by a mega-tsunami.  We know this region is no stranger to either natural event, but these were abnormally powerful.  Now we read that at least some citizens of northern Japan are desperate; that they are starting to flee from the bitter cold of late winter, and from the encroaching starvation of nature-ravaged civilization.  We notice, too, that lack of both water & sanitation are growing problems in northeastern Japan, despite the best relief work of Japan’s military and some help from America’s navy.  We reflect, however, on how Japan’s people are largely devoid of rioting, of looting, of ‘trashing’, and of similar base selfish behavior that we have come to expect (since Woodstock) from certain ‘entitled’ segments of American society.

Japan’s Nuclear Heroes Show Us The Way

Mar 14, 2011 — Paul Pekarek

A series of unpredictable strong earthquakes, including a super-size earthquake and subsequent tsunami, have thrown some of Japan’s nuclear energy plants into a crisis:  pumping sea water, venting steam, keeping a lid on a disaster.  The crisis exists mostly because Japan’s infrastructure suffered a full-body blow, and is essentially incapable of providing expected support to the plants.  Indeed, Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan said this is Japan’s worst situation since World War Two’s devastation.  Indeed, Japan’s nuclear plant technicians must be feeling hopelessness’ tap on the shoulder, urging them to just give up, to flee.  Yet they stay; they are solving the nuclear plant problems no matter that it is the aftermath of entirely unpredictable, unwarnable natural disasters.  If they succeed, they will be –and should be honored as – true heroes of a forward-looking nuclear age.

China’s Sea Power, Among Other Powers

Oct 2, 2010 — Paul Pekarek

Recent publications (such as the attachment) have highlighted China’s dramatic improvements in naval power.  It’s not just China’s navy.  The army & air force, as well as rocket force, have dramatically improved their capabilities in the last decade.  And modernization is only starting, now with a powerful coal-fired economic engine to generate it.  “It” may well end up being far more than just a military of just a China that we recognize on maps today.  “It” may be a far different looking and behaving China than what we have seen in nearly two centuries.

Constitution Celebration Far Better Than Most

Sep 17, 2010 — Paul Pekarek

Friday 17 September 2010 is the USA Constitution’s 223rd  anniversary.  That’s not a very round number, like a bicentennial, yet this year everybody seems to know the importance of the date.  There are even Constitution Parties.  In prior years, it was the odd individual who even remembered.  As retired military, it gladdens me to see so much interest in the U.S. Constitution.  It’s the document I swore an oath to uphold & defend, so solemnly that it ended with the words from George Washington’s own oath of office precedent: “So Help Me, God”.

Anniversary of Lies

Sep 9, 2010 — Paul Pekarek

One year ago, on 9/9/09, we heard a prominent individual finally speak plainly, with a national audience able to witness it live.  Representative Joe Wilson (R, SC) proudly and disgustedly uttered “You Lie!” when he could take no more of patent falsehoods being spewed as policy and agenda.

Get your flag ready

Sep 8, 2010 — Paul Pekarek

I have a USA flag that flew on my townhouse in D.C. (downwind from the Pentagon) on the original 9/11.

Citizens, Citizenship, Voting and “Skin in the Game”

Aug 25, 2010 — Paul Pekarek

Some people think we could solve the gasoline problem by linking it to the illegal immigration problem. One (on the surface) hairbrained solution is to continue the ‘catch & release’ - but by deporting 15 million illegal immigrants to war zones to fight, in USA uniform, for pay and for a chance to earn citizenship. It’s rash to assume illegals even want USA citizenship - instead of having interest primarily in income, food, and welfare freebees, that they cannot get at home. It’s more simplistic still, to assume 15 million illegals are a significant aspect of our need to import gasoline—though we grant how illegals’ impact may be significant locally along the border and in sanctuary cities.


Aug 25, 2010 — Paul Pekarek

How widespread, now, are momentary blackouts – a phenomenon seldom before experienced in American homes (except during storms)?

Republicans or RINOS

Aug 17, 2010 — Paul Pekarek


  • Republicans barely scraped out a squeaking win in 2004, on the strength of a few emphasized Conservative positions to blunt the effects of amok RINO (aka Liberal Lite) positions,