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James Raider is the publisher of The Pacific Gate Post.

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Pentagon contradicts Napolitano’s Mexican border assessment

Apr 20, 2011 — James Raider

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano’s recent description of a U.S.-Mexico border that’s “as secure as it has ever been” appear to be in direct opposition to a Pentagon assessment.

The Obama & Krugman Keynesian Conceit

Jul 5, 2010 — James Raider

Paul Krugman, the Keynesian drum-beating economist, was invited by CNN on Sunday to promote the Obama strategy of pumping additional billions into the economy. One of his very telling responses to Fareed Zakaria’s question on significantly more spending and borrowing was “what about now?”

Policy Development By Panic

Jan 21, 2010 — James Raider

American taxpayers should not read anything into today’s stock market supposed reactions to the President’s verbal and policy attacks on banks. Markets have little to do with realities of the broader world and its economics. The Presidential attacks, however, should be very troubling to taxpayers for more profound reasons.

America Waits For Leadership

Jan 7, 2010 — James Raider

How can history be an accurate record when the elusive present is being recorded as wild distortions of reality? The mainstream media’s (MSM) record of the White House, which it reflects onto the American perspective, as well as it’s flaccid ruminations on the Obama Administration, commemorate Napoleon’s, “history is the invention of historians.” Obama is failing in his duty to country, and the MSM refuses to acknowledge the evidence.

Napolitano – Incompetence In Ascendance

Dec 29, 2009 — James Raider

When a CEO fumbles and stumbles repeatedly, then demonstrates incompetence, the company’s Board takes remedial action, and if it doesn’t, the shareholders get vocal with their votes. When the head of Homeland Security repeatedly demonstrates an inability to manage, as well as a peculiar ignorance of either mundane or critical facts, does she get sidelined? Not in this Administration.

Not Overheard In Copenhagen . . .

Dec 8, 2009 — James Raider

As the deceit of the limo-jet-caviar congestion of Copenhagen grinds that city into the forefront of an international tragedy, there will be no mention of humanity’s biggest challenge. Political correctness amongst the 15,000 attendees and the attendant fawning media will ignore the irony of this self-serving and bloated spectacle.

Transforming Perceptions Of Reality

Dec 1, 2009 — James Raider

We have entered a new phase of reality distortion as negative events become positive in their reporting. Truth is being transformed.  I don’t refer here to politicians lying about the state of affairs to promote a self serving scheme or other, I refer to the mainstream media and its warped reporting of the reality its audience lives through each day.

Show Trial Goes To New York

Nov 16, 2009 — James Raider

The significance of continuing growth in unemployment ranks has been obliterated from news headlines by an unexpected decision by the Administration: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo Bay Sept. 11 terrorist detainees will be tried in a civilian federal courthouse in New York.

The Commander In Chief And Today’s Disaster In Texas

Nov 5, 2009 — James Raider

As I watched the first news reports of the Fort Hood Military Base shootings, I wondered what the right response from the Commander In Chief should be to this disaster. At around 2:00PM, we all witnessed the actual response from the sitting President, but what would you have done?

The UN – A New World Power Through Climate Change Fears?

Oct 30, 2009 — James Raider

The international movement to provide the United Nations (UN) with unprecedented power and influence on world affairs has found a seemingly innocuous, but deceptive train to ride. The North American perception of this world body founded in 1945 has become that of a vast, but vapid and corrupt organization.

Economy—The Outlook Is Your Outlook

Oct 13, 2009 — James Raider

You can listen to conflicting opinions of self proclaimed experts on government activity or lack thereof on “stimulating,” the economy, however, the reality is that the economy’s progress remains in your hands. The top of the financial food chain with the government’s help wants to prejudice your perception toward positive spending.

Obama’s Misstep On Iran

Sep 28, 2009 — James Raider

We cannot listen to Iran’s Ahmadinejad posturing on the expansion of the Iranian atomic energy program, without recalling Obama’s dramatic reversal on the U.S. land based missile defense system in Europe only days ago. The blunder was not in the reversal, but in its timing and its process.

Health Care – What Are You NOT Hearing?

Sep 16, 2009 — James Raider

The lawyers and legal minds holding the joystick of politics in America’s White House and Congress, are afraid to make a move. The administration and legislature are staying away from confronting their friends, and former classmates, in the legal profession.

Political Campaign Funding - A Democracy’s Dilemma

Sep 9, 2009 — James Raider

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the constitutionality of the restrictions that have been placed on corporate money in politics. The ruling may be one of the Court’s most critical decisions in an age which has seen one Presidential campaign accumulate almost a billion dollars in contributions.

America, End Your Fear Of Wall Street

Aug 21, 2009 — James Raider

Few Americans have the time to educate themselves on the operations of those who control the most critical elements at the heart of the Nation’s well being. The Kings of Wall Street have long coveted the absolute supremacy they now enjoy over the largest economy in the world. Their road to ascendancy has been long and methodical, but with the collapse of the mortgage and equity bubbles, the past year’s actions by those pillars of persuasive absolutism on Wall Street confirm that their dominance is unprecedented in American history.

Obama & Middle Class Income Tax Increases

Aug 6, 2009 — James Raider

The recession is dealing a hard blow to government revenues with tax receipts expected to drop 18 percent this year. The big question being lathered across the Nation, but not being answered honorably by the Administration, revolves around tax increases. The double-speak and denials are only adding annoyance to the feelings surging around the stress already felt by the taxpayers. Not only will the “middle class” be saddled with fresh tax increases, but so will you and your neighbor if you live in America.

Government Capping Compensation?

Jul 31, 2009 — James Raider

As you shelter yourself in a cool closet from the hailstorm of healthcare promotion, Congress and the President are sliding into home plate with compensation controls in the senior offices of financial firms, … for starters. The new Corporate and Financial Institution Compensation Fairness Act will provide no other than the SEC with the ability to establish the rules on how executives are paid, and will enable government agencies to effectively control the “inappropriate risks,” practices of financial companies.

Government vs. American Capitalism

Jul 27, 2009 — James Raider

For a generation, now, we have been accommodated with a front row seat to a rigorous and seemingly intractable advance of government into the whole of America’s social fabric, and into the institutions of its capitalist system. Today we are confronted with a wave of negative wind pushing against the capitalism that has brought America its unprecedented success, as it absorbs the blame for the economic meltdown.