Randy Kleine

Randy Kleine is a Cincinnati business co-owner (since 1978), local columnist, member of Clermont County (Ohio) Republican Central Committee, Chairman of Clermont Tea Party Education Committee, husband, father, and grandfather.

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Climate Control: “not prudent at this juncture”

Apr 10, 2017 — Randy Kleine

Guest columnist Stephen McClanahan cited two former Republican Secretaries of State—James Baker and George Schultz—as key developers of a tax and regulation scheme that would “induce the kind of societal changes needed” to address climate change, formerly known as “global warming.” That name change should give the wary pause that maybe the climate is not warming appreciably, and that what we are witnessing are normal climate cycles.

Baker and Schultz were both key advisers of President George H.W. Bush who participated in the 1992 “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro chaired by Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong whose 1100-page Global Biodiversity Assessment suggests a cure for “human-pox.”: simply cut the world’s population by approximately 80% by establishing a feudal lifestyle short on amenities. Strong contends that global ecosystems will be preserved only when affluent nations (i.e. the American middle class) lowers its standard of living.

Climate Control is People Control

Feb 6, 2017 — Randy Kleine

Is climate science “settled?” Do “climate change deniers” have no case whatsoever?” The media and scientists who should know better would have you think so.

Rarely are the heavy-handed mandates effected by the Environmental Protection Agency and the globalist bureaucrats at the European Union and the United Nations revealed for what they are: an attack on liberty and Western Civilization.

Seeing Through the Smoke & Mirrors of Government Sponsored Immigration

Feb 3, 2017 — Randy Kleine

Having long admired your home as a place of peace and a comfortable living, a hungry man unlawfully breaks and enters and, his admiration having been confirmed, decides to take up residence. His family joins him, and soon new babies arrive to anchor his claim that he has a “right” to residence in your home.

He contributes to the welfare of your community through menial labor in construction, housekeeping, agriculture, and other important jobs, but the economic benefits of his work accrues mostly to himself and his family and to his employer who often pays substandard wages or who pays him “under the table.”