Richard Cameron

I share a core conviction with my fellow patriots in the Tea Party, that government has become what the Founding Fathers sternly warned us of and tried to take measures to prevent.I have a legacy of political involvement dating back to my work with President Ronald Reagan’s run for the White House in 1980 as a campaign operative. Other mentors in the development of my political perspective include Robert K. ‘B-1 Bob’ Dornan, whom I remain personal friends with from the days of my work on his campaigns and my visits to his Congressional offices in Washington D.C.My blog, Blasted Fools, in its short 2 years of existence, has placed over 250 posts of all original content into circulation. Topics and categories include political misbehavior, the Constitution, defense of American culture, lessons of history, profiles of tyranny and exposing fools of all sorts for the ‘Emperors Sans Culottes’ that they are.My readers find me through search terms on the net, but also from Freedom Connector, Free Republic, Tea Party Nation – and even some unlikely places where conservatives gallantly attempt to balance the perspective of the Left, such as Huffington Post! Blasted Fools now has thousands of readers in 56 international countries and growing daily.

Most Recent Articles by Richard Cameron:

Tears Of A Clown

Nov 3, 2013 — Richard Cameron

I’m sorry to have to come across as a cruel hearted fellow (nah, I’m not really sorry), but, as we go forward with the series of biblical plagues emanating from the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress and I hear sniveling, I’m going to start asking people in a rather direct (translate – rude) manner, “who did you vote for?”  Because why?  Because elections have consequences, Mr. Tears of a Clown.

The Day Of Rage Comes With A Pricetag

Aug 18, 2013 — Richard Cameron

As I write, the number of dead – 800, and injured in Egypt due to the military’s response to civil unrest is growing by the hour. Reports coming from the legacy media, are attributing the deaths to what they characterize as a brutal military crackdown.

As Heads Is Tails, Just Call Me Unconvinced

Jun 28, 2013 — Richard Cameron

“Just as every cop is a criminal

And all the sinners saints

As heads is tails just call me Lucifer (cause) I’m in need of some restraint”

I’ve always found “Sympathy For the Devil, by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, to be one of the most profound social statements of the classic rock music era.  It was a natural for the Stones, what with their rebel, bad boy image and all the baggage to go with it.  Who better to channel the artist formerly known as the Prince of Darkness?  Granted, there was poetic license in setting to music, the distorted worldview of Satan and his antagonistic posture toward his “subjects” — in the arrogant role of “god of this world”.