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Ron Aledo,is a retired U.S Army officer, former senior analyst for the CIA, former senior analyst for the DIA, operations and intelligence officer for the Joint Staff in the Pentagon, advisor to the Chief of Analysis of the Afghan National Police in Kabul, and former International Business Developer for L-3 Communications. He recently moved to Europe and as analyst, macroeconomics, risk and geopolitical advisor, investment and banking analyst, negotiator, consultant or international business developer.

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Trump Jr. coordinating with Russian Intelligence?

Jul 12, 2017 — Ron Aledo

Based on my many years of experience in the intelligence community (CIA, DIA, DHS, Joint Staff) :  If Trump Jr. wanted to coordinate with the Russian Government (Intelligence), THEN a very low rank and unknown person in the Trump Jr. team, would have met with a Russian SVR operative disguised as businessman in Nicaragua,  3 or 4 minutes in a restroom of a restaurant in Managua, far away from FBI surveillance and the press. That is possible in HUMINT cover ops.

But Trump Jr. meeting in the OPEN in an office at the Trump Tower with private citizen lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya being an intelligence operation is just NONSENSE. That is the dumbest thing an intelligence operative would do and is like robbing a bank with my name tag and ID on my neck! Does not pass common sense.

Michael Doran former National Security Advisor

Jul 12, 2017 — Ron Aledo

A former senior director of the National Security Council under President George W. Bush said on Thursday that the liberal media and Obama loyalists inside and outside of the federal government had executed a “coordinated attack” on President Donald Trump since he was elected.

Michael Doran made the remarks at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC, where he is a senior fellow on Middle East security and was a panelist for a discussion at the institute on Russian meddling in the U.S. 2016 presidential election. The conversation quickly shifted to Trump and his campaign’s relationship with the Russians and the ongoing investigation into it.