Shahriar Kia

Shahriar Kia is a press spokesman for residents of Camp Liberty, Iraq, members of the People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran opposition group(PMOI, also known as MEK), which advocates for a democratic, secular, nuclear-free Iran with separation of church and state and gender equality. He graduated from North Texas University and currently resides in Iraq. His Twitter handle is @shahriarkia

Most Recent Articles by Shahriar Kia:

Iran: The Land of Legalized Human Rights Violations

Jun 28, 2016 — Shahriar Kia

“It is better for the hands and feet of the subject be tied to prevent the subject from moving that may lead to the whip hitting banned parts of the body”... “Lashing must be carried out as subject is placed lying down on their stomach, with their clothes on, and the lashes are delivered on the back part of the body, instead of head, face and genitals” ... “The lashing must be carried out at a continuous rhythm” ... “[For women] the lashing is delivered with the utmost severity on the entire body, other than head, face and genitals”...

These are the articles stated in the “laws” of the “Islamic republic” of Iran under the rules of “Velayat- E -Faghih” (supreme leader) that place this regime alongside 32 other countries supporting physical methods of punishment. And based on these very “laws” during the past months a blogger in the city of Saveh (northern Iran) has been sentenced to 444 lashes; 17 protesting workers in Takab (northwestern Iran) sentenced to 30 to 100 lashes each; 35 individuals in Ghazvin (northwestern Iran) sentenced to 99 lashes each for the “crime” of going to a night party; 9 workers in Yazd (central Iran) sentenced to 50 lashes each; 2 poets sentenced to 99 lashes each for kissing the cheeks and shaking hands of a “non-family member”; 74 lashes for protesters in Tabriz (northwestern Iran)...

Iran point man wounded in Syria marks change of tide

Dec 1, 2015 — Shahriar Kia

For nearly 5 years the Revolutionary Guards Quds Force’s notorious chief Qassem Suleimani has been spearheading Iran’s full-pledged support for the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. This shadowy figure has been the symbol of Tehran’s infamous plots in Syria, and reports have also indicated Suleimani was running the show and issuing orders to senior Syrian generals and political officials, and at times, even Assad himself. Enjoying the full support of and reporting only to Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei, Suleimani had unimaginable authority in Syria. That is why a recent report of the Quds Force chief being severely injured in clashes south of Aleppo has sounded major alarm bells in Tehran, and the entire region.

According to reports obtained by the Iranian opposition from inside the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), Suleimani was severely wounded around two weeks ago in clashes south of Aleppo. He suffered many wounds, including shrapnel in the head and is currently in serious conditions. Suleimani’s vehicle, used to supervise over military operations conducted by the IRGC and other forces in the area south of Aleppo, came under heavy fire by the moderate Free Syrian Army that enjoys support from the West.

Senior US military officer says no change seen in Iran behavior

Nov 11, 2015 — Shahriar Kia

Four months after the “historic” signing of a nuclear pact between world powers and Iran to curb the regime’s dangerous ambitions, the Associated Press reported “there are signs that the Islamic Republic’s attitude toward the United States is as negative as ever”. This “landmark” deal has also taken very little steps to stop Tehran from further pushing its lethal meddling in the broader Middle East, from Iraq to Syria and Yemen to Lebanon.

Iraq: Camp Liberty women mark Human Rights Day, demand rights respected

Dec 11, 2014 — Shahriar Kia

On Wednesday, December 10, dozens of Iranian women, members of opposition to the Islamic fundamentalist regime of Iran, in Camp Liberty marked Human Rights Day and held placards calling for human rights to be respected in this camp.

Patients protest Camp Liberty medical siege, demand UN-US action

Nov 29, 2014 — Shahriar Kia

On Wednesday, 26 November 2014, patients in Camp Liberty adjacent to Baghdad International Airport held a rally protesting the medical siege imposed by the Iraqi government on the residents of this camp.