Steven Neill

Having been raised in mostly rural areas, I took freedom for granted. It was not until I saw how those freedoms were being stripped away from us at an alarming rate under Clinton and Bush II that I knew I needed to get involved and make a difference. In 2008 I joined the Republican Party to support Ron Paul and became a County and State Delegate.In 2011 I began to attend my city council meetings and went on to become a Planning Commissioner for three and a half years. Now I am more convinced than ever of the need to inform people of the globalist agenda being foisted upon us at every level and to prepare for the day that the United States will face its greatest challenge.

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Who Gains When Chaos Reigns?

Jul 6, 2017 — Steven Neill

Violence and the Democratic Party go together like the Black Death and fleas. Even for them, the increase in democratic violence since 2009, the Oscar Grant shooting in Oakland, Occupy Wall Street, the George Zimmerman trial, Ferguson, Baltimore, the rise of BLM, the massive number of attacks against the Trump campaign, and inauguration, the insane reaction of the Leftopaths during the first months of Trump’s Presidency and the shooting of Republican Steve Scalise, is undeniable. The escalating string of violence from the Leftopaths is also not going unnoticed; every lurid detail and perhaps a few created ones are making it into the alternative media, enraging the right. There is little doubt where this cycle is going because there is now a growing population of Leftopaths gearing up for “Trumpocalypse” as they stock pile guns, emergency supplies and food. Liberals are now training in use of firearms and military tactics as well.

Leftopaths, the Cycle of Violence Continues

Jun 26, 2017 — Steven Neill

There is nothing new under the sun: Ecclesiastes 1:9

While the above phrase was written over 2,000 years ago, the author of Ecclesiastes composed one of the most profound truisms in history. There really is nothing new under the sun when it comes to human beings and that predictability has often been used by unscrupulous scoundrels to manipulate people. Such is the case in today’s democrats/leftists who are playing into the hands of Leftopathic leaders intent on creating the chaos needed to bring about a new world order.

From their exalted positions in fields ranging from entertainment, politics, business, and news media, malevolent puppet-masters like Arianna Huffington, Beyonce, Whoopi Goldberg, Loretta Lynch, George Soros and Rachel Maddow bang the drums of war and hate to their base turning many of them into useful idiots willing to commit acts of violence, civil disobedience, intimidation, and worse. 

Political violence is nothing new to the Democratic Party. For instance, in 1856, democratic Congressman Preston Brooks nearly beat republican Senator Charles Sumner to death in the Capitol Building over the slavery issue; the Opelousas, Louisiana, Massacre in 1868 in which white democrats killed some 300 blacks and another 35-50 whites; the Wilmington, North Carolina insurrection of 1898 in which white Democratic Party insurgents overthrew the legitimately elected local government, killing between 15-60 people and destroying large sections of black owned businesses/houses; Democrat George Wallace and the Selma March in 1963. The current rounds of violence and anarchy are simply the external workings of the same old Democratic Party that has replaced the support of slavery with the anarchistic methods of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and combined them with Antonio Francesco Gramsci’s “Prison Notebook” amongst others to create a democratic “no quarter” policy. Thus the “leaders” of the Leftopaths are simply using the longtime Democratic Party’s favorite tactics of violence and intimidation.

Tangled Webs: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Internet Giveaway, Wild, Wild West of Information

Nov 30, 2016 — Steven Neill

The use of lies and deception, or as the new term coming into vogue; fake news, has been a standard tool of the trade for over a century by the government and their willing and/or unwilling stooges in the main stream media.  A few examples include Newspaper owners William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, with the unspoken blessings of US President, William McKinley, spreading lies to stir up the masses enough to start a war with Spain.  This allowed McKinley to start an American empire by taking over the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico at the close of the 19th century. In the following decades, the media has obediently followed along coving up such things as the fraudulent Gulf of Tonkin  incident, the governmental attack on the Branch Davidians9/11,  and the Obamacare fiasco.  In spite of the lies and distortions presented by the government then spread by an obedient media, there were still some journalists who were doing their job by reporting the truth.