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Suzanne Wilson is self-employed and living in Kitchener, Ontario

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Fighting the real monsters that seek to demonize regular people

Mar 29, 2016 — Susan Wilson

I have been a little quiet over the last few days.

The passing of one of our dearest friends and most inspiring men, Rob Ford, has literally hit me like a ton of bricks, as it has for so many of us.  His smile and his life story flooding my Facebook feed became dizzying.  Watching posts pop up from people I have never heard of in my life, reminding us all to “Never forget how this man embarrassed Canada!”, hurt my heart and made me feel sick to my stomach.  Do these people actually think anyone is going to forget the few slights of Rob Ford, after he was the centre of a mass public lynching for more than 5 years?  Really? ...come on.