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Tom Bauerle, 53, has been in radio since 1981, mostly in Buffalo, NY at legendary WGR and WBEN. He spent a year in Tampa at WTKN, and two years at KMOX Radio in St. Louis.He is a perennial selection to Talkers Magazines "Heavy Hundred Radio Talk Show Hosts" in the USA, the past two years at #63 (along with co-host David Bellavia).Bauerle is known for wide-ranging knowledge, humor, wisdom, logic and his interviewing skills. He also admits to having a juvenile sense of humor without apology, and sometimes peppers his language with vulgarity and well as "language of high dudgeon" Much as Shakespeare did.He has a lifelong fascination with spirituality, Shakespeare, archaeology and criminal history. The first book his mother bought him was history of the FBI. At age 5.Bauerle is also an occasional guitar player on some songs with a Buffalo Band called "Nerds Gone Wild." His brother Dick is a nationally respected guitar player with a song in "Spaceballs," and a member of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. Bauerle is a rabid fan of Steely Dan's music, and sits in the front row in front of Donald Fagen as much as possible.He is in a long-term relationship with a Buffalo businesswoman he calls "Mrs. Nerd", who stuck by his side after witnessing herself the strange happenings around their residences.

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Anatomy of the Deep State’s Cloaked Take-Down of the President

Jun 2, 2017 — Tom Bauerle

“Cloaking”, Mr. President.  That’s how those working 24-7 to bring you down are doing it, in my experienced opinion.

Cloaking is a little known surveillance technology that allows someone to be a stone’s throw away from you,  without your ever being able to see them or even be aware of it.

I know because it happened to me, and I’m risking my job and perhaps even my life by giving you this heads up.

They smeared me as “crazy” when I discovered I was being spied on right from my own backyard, neighborhood, my girlfriend’s house and possibly everywhere. They smear you as unstable and unfit for office for saying you were “wiretapped”.

It all boils down to the same thing in the end.  With surveillance as backup, they can now shoehorn you into  any narrative they want to destroy your credibility: ’The president’s a Russian colluder’.  ‘Buffalo radio man Tom Bauerle’s batsh**crazy.’