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Vincent Gioia is a retired lawyer who is also a metallurgical engineer graduate from Colorado School of Mines. He lives in Palm Desert, California.

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The Commission on Presidential Debates, Is It Really ‘Non Partisan’?

Sep 5, 2016 — Vincent Gioia

The debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are being organized organized by The Commission on Presidential Debates. The 2016 debates are already scheduled and the ‘moderators’ have been chosen. The commission is labeled as ‘non partisan’ but is it really? The mere fact that that three of the debates are ‘moderated’ by people from the three major news networks itself should be a clue as to the false ‘non partisan’ nature of the debates since all three networks are hardly unbiased, especially where Donald Trump is concerned. Even the debate moderated by a Fox News commentator is suspect considering how anti-Trump that cable news network has been since Trump became a serious contender.

However, claims of non partisanship of the Commission also ignore the make-up of the Commission leadership. It’s true that there is a division of Republicans and Democrats, or their supporters, on the Commission but the reality is that there really is not a conservative among them and virtually all represent the ‘establishment’ of the respective political parties. Although this is not a problem for Hillary Clinton, a Democrat establishment figure herself, but a full cadre of Republican establishment commission members on the commission is not only a slap in the face of the anti-establishment Donald Trump, but a precursor of what can be expected in this and future presidential debates.