Wyatt Johnson

Wyatt Johnson was born and raised in America’s Midwest. Following undergrad and graduate years, he went on to enjoy a career in the ​construction ​industry. Retiring early, he and his wife have had the opportunity to live in the mountains of southern California and the greater Jackson Hole, Wyoming area. Presently, they are immersed in the pristine mountains of eastern Tennessee. An avid reader, photographer, committed man of faith and a freedom loving American, he is ​following his lifelong dream of sharing ­­his thoughts and concerns ​with others ​through the written word​.

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The marriage of Low Information Zealots and the Mainstream Media—Useful Idiots

Nov 24, 2015 — Wyatt Johnson

In any culture there is always the opportunity for segments of the masses to devise uniquely hopeless solutions for their society’s alleged failures.  Throughout recorded time the world has experienced all manner of failed government rule, including vicious corrupt dictatorships and perverted fairy tale regimes which disintegrate into subhuman experiments often leading to mass annihilation.

America today is fast becoming another failed government experiment.  Once a renowned world superpower, it has morphed into a “fundamentally transformed” shadow of its former self.  Tragically, the deceptive terror tactics of the present Marxist regime have been highly successful in sustaining multitudes of confused and misinformed social misfits.  Feeding the flames of this transformation is the abhorrent Mainstream Media which has risen to new heights (actually fallen to new lows) as the regime’s highly prized “Useful Idiots” (thank you, Vladimir Lenin).