Yuri Blanarovich

Yuri Blanarovich was born in Ukraine, grew up in Czechoslovakia, lived in France, Canada and now in NJ. Yuri is an automation and robotics engineer, who worked in the automotive industry, IBM Canada and in his own computer and real estate businesses. An avid photo/video and ham radio amateur, he was involved in Czechoslovakian and Ukrainian liberation events.

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How to repair Immigration and Voter Fraud problems

Oct 30, 2015 — Yuri Blanarovich

I am one who had to go through incapable government procedures to become a legal resident of this magnificent country - the (former) beacon of freedom and justice in the world.

I see talking heads, professors and government geniuses analyzing and trying to “comprehensively” fix the problem of illegal immigration with no results. We have illegals crossing the borders, visitors overstaying visas, people trying to share the American Dream by ignoring the laws of the land.  Politicians are talking about the problem, but not fixing it, making it worse, a result of the typical government bureaucracy incapable of running anything right.