Don Klein

Pilot and rancher Don Klein is Secretary of Valley Rifle Club (Inc 1972), Member of CSSA, Member of NFA, Member Conservative Party of Canada, Member RCMP Rural Crime Watch.

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The real Abomination of the Liberal’s C-68 Firearms Act

Mar 24, 2015 — Don Klein

The real abomination of the Liberal’s Bill C-68 the Firearms Act (Now affectionately known as “Statutes Canada 1995 – Chapter 39”) is the criminalization of the law abiding gun owners by the licensing provisions of the Firearms Act.

See The whole Firearms Act has to go—Not just the Gun registry, and how it affects all firearms owners explained by Professor Emeritus Gary Mauser

Dr. Gary Mauser, Boiling Frogs – and Gun Owners

The Language Trap set for Gun Owners

Mar 12, 2014 — Don Klein

Webster’s Dictionary:
Weapon - (wep’en) ANY instrument or device for use in attack or defense in combat, fighting or war.

None of our sporting or hunting firearms are “weapons.”

OPP gun call response called “a complete overreaction”

Sep 29, 2013 — Don Klein

Dear Prime Minister,

I would consider writing to the editor on this extremely serious, but extremely ridiculous overkill of a common fall happening, which was likely a hunter taking his firearm to his vehicle or back to his/her home.  As the article states, what overkill of a common fall sight.