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Donald E. Severe is a retired CEO/President of an Employee Benefit Plan marketing company and an NASD Brokerage Firm. He was a USAF pilot in the Air Defense Command during the “Cold War” following the end of the war in Korea. He holds an undergraduate degree and an advance degree in financial services. He has been recognized in Who’s Who in Business & Industry.

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Corruption and Disruption, Welcome to the Clinton “machine”...

Nov 28, 2016 — Don Severe

Well, here we go again. Hillary who conceded the election victory to Donald J. Trump, following the state results, now wants a recount in the state of Wisconsin and, possibly, other states.  Why? Because the Russians may have rigged the election.  This is the Hillary who chastised Donald Trump concerning accepting the election results.  She is not capable of playing it straight.  Honesty and good character are not on her resume.  She is not trustworthy, respectful nor does she display the concept of fairness.

Time to move on…

Nov 26, 2016 — Don Severe

The confetti has been swept from the floors.  The released balloons have long since drifted away. The placards are down and the speeches are finished. Now the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election has begun.

The thugs are rioting in the streets of several major cities, though we have learned that many of these misguided people did not vote, nor did they possess any significant information about the candidates who are at the center of their protests.  Rumor has it that they may have been paid to create chaos.