Steve Sagarra

Steve Sagarra is a freelance writer, journalist and historian from St. Louis, MO. As a former opinion columnist/editorial writer for a conservative community newspaper, he has written on topics ranging from socio-economic issues, local and national politics and international relations, and has reported on the political scene throughout the St. Louis region. With degrees in history from the University of Missouri, he also has contributed to several encyclopedic projects, scholarly journals and websites. You can read more of his writing on his personal blog, Sassafras Gazette (, or follow him on Twitter (@SteveSagarra).

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An Unquenched Light Deserving No More Darkness

May 25, 2017 — Steve Sagarra

Terrorists, by their very namesake, want to invoke terror. Whether their acts are by individuals bent on inflicting harm for whatever reason or connected to, or at least inspired by, a particular ideology, it matters very little at this point. Either way, they wish to disrupt normalcy, creating chaos from order. Once again, the world has witnessed a terrorist attack that has done that exact thing. Once again, hollow rhetoric will echo forth calling for compassion and understanding. Yes, there should be compassion - for the victims and their families. Yes, there should be understanding - for how and why such a senseless act was perpetrated in the first place. There must be both of these things in order to properly act. In order to properly act, though, both must be suppressed in order to dole out justice and punishment - justice for the victims and their families, punishment for the perpetrators. Neither can ever be forthcoming clouded by compassion or understanding.