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What Democrats can't win legitimately, they steal through cheating and fraud. And it appears the rest of the country has given up on California. Don't believe me? Read on.

Are CALIF Democrats Also Cheating Their Way to Power?

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By —— Bio and Archives November 17, 2018

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Are CALIF Democrats Also Cheating Their Way to Power?As American voters are watching the election fraud take place in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties in Florida, are California Democrats also cheating their way to power? Our state certainly isn’t immune from cheating, as evidenced in June 2016, when I was contacted by voters from all across California that their political party designations had been changed. “The electronic vote rigging in California appears to have been designed to keep Bernie supporters from electing him in the primary. And if they can steal an election in California, they can steal the Presidential Election,” I wrote about election fraud reported in California on Primary Election Day June 7th, 2016.

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The day after Election Day 2018, it was announced that Democrats gained at least 30 seats in the House of Representatives to hold a 225-200 lead, but 10 seats were still undecided. While it gave Democrats the majority, it was not a strong enough majority to actually do much, other than obstruct.

That was problematic for Democrats. So they set in motion a plan to gain more seats—not two years from now in 2020, but now, while states were still counting absentee and provisional ballots, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt they are now the official party of voter and election fraud. The Democrats must be stopped.

California Dems

After serving four terms representing a Central Valley district, California Rep. Jeff Denham was suddenly defeated by his Democratic challenger, Josh Harder. Denham was ahead on Election night.

Nov. 7th, the day after the election, I wrote California Blue Wave: Will it Lead to Insolvency Faster?, and said this about the house races:

There were some surprises as well. California Democrats flipped three Republican districts: Rep. Steve Knight, (CA-25th District) lost to Democrat Katie Hill, Republican Diane Harkey lost Rep.Darrell Issa’s 49th District to Democrat Mike Levin, and Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher lost his race in the 48th District to Democrat Harley Rouda.


As of today, Rep. Jeff Denham’s loss to Josh Harder marked the fourth upset by a Democrat in California. As the graphic above shows, there were races too close to call, and Young Kim was ahead.

Now, it appears that as long as the votes continue to be counted, each of the Republicans has lost significant ground, or officially lost the race.

Today’s Flash Report Headlines, 11/14/18

“With Mr. Harder’s victory, the Democrats have gained 33 seats in the House and appear on track to gain between 35 and 40 once all the nationwide counting is complete,” the New York Times gleefully reported.

“Two key congressional contests in the state remained too close to call. In the 45th District, Representative Mimi Walters, an Orange County Republican, is facing a challenge by Katie Porter, a Democrat,” the Times reported. “And in the 39th District, one Republican, Young Kim, is seeking to fill the seat being vacated by another, Representative Ed Royce of Orange County. Ms. Kim is opposed by the Democratic candidate Gil Cisneros.”

Since Election Day the Democrats have had picked up more than 12 additional seats in the House, and they have picked up two seats in the Senate… just since Election Day Nov. 6.

In 28 of the last 30 midterm elections, the minority party has gained in congressional and state elections. However, Republicans solidified their Senate majority Tuesday night, knocking off several Democratic senators in traditionally red states, National Review reported Nov. 7th.

VOX has a list of all of the lost House seats. “So far, Democrats have won 34 GOP-held seats for a net gain of 32 seats, more than the 23 they needed to take control of Congress.”

What Democrats can’t win legitimately, they steal through cheating and fraud. And it appears the rest of the country has given up on California.

Don’t believe me? Read on.


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