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But will the media cover it?

Big time Democrat hypocrisy on display AGAIN!

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By -- BombThrowers —— Bio and Archives October 19, 2017

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Only the Democrats could get away with this. And only the Democrats would try. Because only the Democrats can rely on an utterly corrupt, complicit media to cover for them. Current Virginia Lieutenant Governor and Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam recently removed a photo of Justin Fairfax, his black running mate, and all reference to him, in brochures handed out in Northern Virginia.

According to Erick Erickson of The Resurgent, this was done because Fairfax opposes the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a project favored by the Laborers’ International Union of North America. Given that Democrats would literally have to fold without union support, this guy has done the unthinkable to make them happy.

To its credit, the Richmond Times-Dispatch has a front page story about it. But a Google search on the issue finds no other takers in the mainstream media. Color me shocked, shocked!

When Northam ran for lieutenant governor four years ago, he was caught on camera refusing to shake the hand of black Republican lieutenant governor candidate E.W. Jackson.

Crickets from the media.

Amazing how living on the liberal plantation, even black candidates for a state’s second-highest post are treated like slaves.

The question presidential candidate Donald Trump posed to blacks last fall rings loud and clear: “What do you have to lose?”

By abandoning the Democrats, all blacks have to lose is their chains. They should return to the Republican Party, which after all, helped them lose their chains in the first place.

Ralph Northam (D) refuses to shake hands with EW Jackson


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