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Narrative collapses

CNN shocked that President Trump looks presidential, sane, and in-control during immigration meeting

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By —— Bio and Archives January 10, 2018

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CNN shocked that President Trump looks presidential, sane, and in-control during immigration meeting,
As you know, President Trump is completely insane.  He spends all day watching TV, has never heard of John Boehner, eats fried chicken in bed, rants, raves, screams, and berates everyone around him, and he’s basically a functional illiterate. Everyone at the White House despises him, they think he’s a bizarre man-child, and they spend their days plotting his destruction via the 25th Amendment.  Also, he’s watching a fictional “gorilla channel” and talking to the gorillas as he encourages them to fight.

OK, none of that (save possibly the KFC thing) is true, but it’s more or less the narrative you’ve been fed if you pay any attention to the standard left-wing propaganda outlets.

In particular, CNN’s utter contempt for this President has led to a year of near-constant retractions, clarifications, deletions, and apologies. Still, despite being wrong so, so, so often, CNN clings to their assumptions like a desperate man hanging off an icy cliff.  They just can’t let go of the idea that Trump is anything other than the absolute dullard they like to present on a daily basis.

...And then a single televised meeting obliterates their narrative to such a degree that even they can’t ignore it.

Watch as they’re forced to admit the “stunning” fact that the President looks Presidential.

as they wonder “Is this real!?”

their surprise as they admit the President is “behaving NOT as Michael Wolff has portrayed him in his book!”

Look at the complete shock on their faces.

Look at the complete shock on their faces.

Yes, I get that part of this is an effort to suck up to a possible DACA deal. For the first time, these people want something from this President, so they’re lining up to smooch the golden ring.

However, when someone on CNN says: “this is the presidency that many people thought Donald Trump was capable of,” and follows it up with a gob smacked: “...Just the notion of him being in command,” you know their narrative is in complete free fall.

If you want to watch the entire meeting, you can do so below.

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