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Balanced budget, debt reduction, axing carbon tax, ending corporate welfare among CTF recommendations

CTF releases federal pre-budget submission

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By -- Aaron Wudrick, Federal Director —— Bio and Archives February 1, 2018

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CTF releases federal pre-budget submission
OTTAWA, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today released its 2018 pre-budget submission to the federal government.

The CTF is calling on the Trudeau government to return to a balanced budget, pay down federal debt, abandon its ill-advised carbon tax and put an end to corporate welfare spending.

“The Liberals campaigned on ‘modest’ deficits leading to $25 billion in new debt,” said Wudrick, “Instead, we’re on track for at least $80 billion in additional debt, with absolutely no plan to get back to balance. This government needs to put forward a plan to get back to balance and start reducing the debt load on future generations.”

As of 2018, Canada’s federal debt stands at $649 billion with interest payments in the last year alone costing Canadians taxpayers approximately $26 billion (which is more than the government spent on National Defence). Since 1990, Canadians have spent more than $1.3 trillion dollars on paying interest on public debt.

In addition to balanced budgets and debt repayment, the CTF eleven-point submission calls for:

  • Ending “tax-on-tax” double taxation for goods such as gasoline
  • Ending all spending on corporate welfare and “regional development”
  • Axing the federal carbon tax
  • No new taxes on small business
  • Repealing the escalator tax on alcohol
  • Resisting any demands for new sugar or fat taxes;
  • Passing a Truth in Budgeting Act
  • Undertaking a core spending review to identify $14 billion in waste by 2019-20vControlling government sector pay and benefits
  • Major reform of Canada’s Employment Insurance system

The CTF’s 2018 federal pre-budget submission can be downloaded HERE.


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