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What was once known as the Democrat party, no longer exists

Democrats Did Not Take The House

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By —— Bio and Archives November 12, 2018

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Democrats Did Not Take The House
The 2018 midterm elections are over and even taking historical election data into consideration, the question heard in many conservative circles is how in the hell, with the Republican-led economy so strong, did Democrats take control of the House?  Answer - They didn’t.

Healthcare concerns were an essential element in the midterms, but the topics that energized and mobilized the Democrat base in the 2018 midterms were not even on the radar in 2012 when President Barack Obama won his bid for a second term.

The old guard was out of step with a new breed that was Democrats in name only or DINO’s

Obama was unambiguous when he stated that he wanted to fundamentally change America but somewhere in a span of only six years between 2012 and 2018, it was the Democrat party that underwent a significant transformation.  The old guard was out of step with a new breed that was Democrats in name only or DINO’s. 

It was shortly after President Trump was elected that Hillary Clinton admitted that the DNC was financially broke and that she had had to personally infuse funds to keep it viable.  Apparently, Clinton’s cash gave her and the DNC’s Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who later resigned in disgrace, justification to throw fellow Democrat and candidate Bernie Sanders under the bus in the primaries.  Nevertheless, the Democrats had much bigger problems than a collapsed DNC.

The shock that even with CNN, MSNBC and other liberal propaganda networks all in for Clinton, Trump was now Commander in Chief, launched the new Democrat mantra that became,  “The enemy of my enemy is now a fellow Democrat even if they are actually DINO’s.”  In fear for their very survival, the mainstream Democrats made a pact with the devil and welcomed hardcore anti-American socialists what are now referred to as “leftists” to their voter ranks. 

This pandora’s box included things the mainstream Democrat core would never have entertained just a few short years before.  Demands for open borders, sanctuary cities, and free healthcare for anyone reaching American soil were now openly stated as part of the Democratic platform. 

In June, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, crushed longtime House incumbent, Joseph Crowley, in New York and then went on to win her 14th Congressional seat in the House while Boston’s far-left leaning Ayanna Pressley defeated 10-term incumbent Michael Capuano in a September Democratic primary for the 7th Congressional District and then ran unopposed to claim her seat during the midterms.

It was the ideology and energy of the far-left, that seized control and hijacked the Democrat Party

The Democrat transmutation witnessed the rhetoric becoming radicalized of establishment Democrats like New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo could now be heard declaring that anyone who supports traditional marriage or is against abortion is not welcome in New York and “America was never that great.”

The enthusiasm of Leftistism filled the void created when the Democratic party lost its message, moral compass, and finally the 2016 election.  And now the Democrat establishment, with all its funding, can’t put the genie back in the bottle and can’t regain its identity.

It was the ideology and energy of the far-left, that seized control and hijacked the Democrat Party.  A political party is identified by its positions and policies and so it was a completely different political party of DINO’s that took the House.  With that understanding, what was once known as the Democrat party, no longer exists. Perhaps in the near future, a new, more appropriate party name will emerge.

(c)  2018. Rick Hayes

Rick Hayes -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Rick Hayes lives in the epicenter of liberal land where reality and truth will never encounter a welcome mat.

An award-winning writer and photographer, with over twenty years of professional experience in both fields, Hayes started his journalism adventure after a successful, eye-opening career as a Banker in Wall Street.  Although he spent his early work life surrounded by custom made shirts, expensive ties and the shiniest of shoes, Hayes was an accomplished singer, cutting a few records with a local band and appearing on one of the first cable shows.

Working for a weekly New York paper, in one of the most politically corrupt areas in the State, he began investing his time trying to understand the nature of corruption.