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Elderly Hypocrite Alert!

Dianne Feinstein warns Trump it’s ‘terrible’ to move Israel embassy - too bad she voted to do it in

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By —— Bio and Archives December 6, 2017

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Dianne Feinstein
Earlier, Dan did a fine job of outlining the unarguable fact that - according to United States law - our embassy in Israel was already supposed to be in Jerusalem. Every six months for almost two decades, Presidents have been signing waivers delaying the inevitable, but the law clearly states that the move was supposed to happen.  Democrats, who are desperately trying to make people forget the last eight years of Middle East policy, want to gin up as much fear as possible. To that end, they’re acting like the move is the end of the world.

Eternal hypocrite and waffler, Dianne Feinstein, has been outspoken in her belief that Donald Trump is going to make a “terrible” mistake by doing what the law called for.

“Terrible” is the word of the day, uttered by panicked Dems who fear something might upset their do-nothing world. Sadly, as the Washington Free Beacon reports, this is a new position for Feinstein.  Guess who, back in 1995, voted to do exactly what Trump has announced…

Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem would be in line with a law that Congress passed in 1995 requiring “the relocation of the United States embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.” The measure, which also called for the U.S. to recognize the city as the undivided capital of Israel, passed the Senate by an overwhelming 93-5 margin.

Among the senators who voted for the initial Jerusalem Embassy Act was one Dianne Feinstein.

Whoops! She even voted, earlier this year, to reaffirm the plans contained in the 1995 law.

After Trump signed one such waiver in June, the Senate voted 90-0 on a resolution marking the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification and calling for the embassy to move.

So, What could have changed?  Oh, that’s right.  In 1995, there was a Clinton in office.  More importantly, it was a President with a ”(D)” after his name.

As always, it looks like Dems are lining up to “stick it” to Trump in any way they can.  Previous positions don’t matter.  Legal compliance doesn’t matter.  If they can create a wedge issue and use it to undermine the current administration, there’s no platitude they won’t abandon.  That they get to shaft Israel in the process?  That’s just a bonus.

But really, is it possible that anyone could screw up the Middle East more than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

Probably not.

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