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Little Shrunken Sings The Blues

Dub: Our Oldest “Son” Michelle, or…So She Thinks!

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By —— Bio and Archives February 16, 2011

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Good morning everyone! I hope you are all doing just great, and ready for another story about our kids and some of the laughs we had when we’d all be together.

As you know already, Deb is my third wife. Don’t ask me, it just seemed during my earlier years I couldn’t keep it together in regards to women? I still find them difficult to understand and still don’t know very much about ‘em, but I guess I’ve learned enough by now to know I probably never will!

Two of our girls, Michelle and Kara, were raised by my first wife Sandra. By by the way, Deb and Sandra are really, pretty good compadres. I think maybe that both have the same “common enemy,” get my drift? Poor ole Dub…I wonder sometimes if somebody really does love me? I saw your article about Valentine’s Day Deb…and whats-his-name!

Anyway, with Sandra raising our two oldest girls, and really she did an outstanding job, we saw them just once in awhile. We lived in Live Oak, they lived in Apopka, and we didn’t all get together nearly as often as we should have, and this truly is one of my life’s regrets.

Those two are as different as night and day, with that probably being one of the greatest understatements ever made. Michelle is very outspoken, much like her Mother, while Kara is not shy, well she kinda is, but not really. Quiet is a much better description for her, I’d say she’s more like her Daddy.

In reality, I was picking at their Momma, as it’s the other way around, but I figured I better let you guys in on the joke, as you’ve seen for yourself I’m more the shy type!

Our Oldest “Son” Michelle, or…So She Thinks!:

Michelle works for an eye doctor and Kara is an RN. Michelle has two boys and Kara one.

Michelle loves to hunt, and will go right by herself about 4:30 in the morning to the woods, get in her treestand and sit. She killed an eight point one morning, gutted it, threw it in the back of her truck, and drove back to Apopka to get one of her buddies to help her finish dressing it out.

Michelle had called me on her way home and said she’d just gotten off the phone with Kara when she called me. She said she’d called her sister, Kara, to tell her she’d been down to the ranch, killed a deer, and that she was on her way back home to finish dressing it.

Kara asked her what time she had gotten to the ranch? Michelle said 4:30 am. Kara asked if she was by herself? Michelle said yes she was. Kara said she shouldn’t go down there by herself, and asked if she wasn’t scared to do such as that? Michelle replied… Nope!

At this point Michelle started dying laughing over the phone with me! I asked her what in the world was so funny? She was laughing so hard she could hardly talk! Then she told me, laughing the whole time, that when she’d told Kara about her morning, and Kara had asked wasn’t she scared to go off by herself that way, and Michelle telling her that no, for a fact I’m not, she then said the phone got silent for a minute. All of a sudden Kara told her, “That ain’t right for a girl to do such as that, you outta’ stand up to take a leak!”

Michelle as I said, was just cracking up telling me about it, and when she told me about Kara’s last remark, I ‘bout fell in the floor laughing myself. I was in stitches, but you have to know our Michelle to really appreciate it!

Let me just say this in closing. Love your kids, and tell them you do. You don’t realize it while you’re younger, but time truly does fly the older you get. Your kids are grown up and will have families of their own before you know it! Savor your time with them because it doesn’t take long before they’re ready to “leave the nest!” Lord, where does the time go?

You know ole Deb was just in here with me, and in writing this I’m really considering possibly us having another one or two. What do ya think Deb…Deb…Deb! Dern, I wonder where she went off to in such a hurry? DEB!! Come here, I got somethin’ to ask ya!

I wish every one of you the very best in life! Keep your eyes open and your nose in the wind! Treat others how you would like to be treated, and come back and join us again in, Ridin’ Out the Recession With Dub and Deb (if I can find her again)…in Miz Judi’s Kitchen!

God Bless you, God Bless America, and God Bless all our friends and neighbors in Canada, too! Thank you for comin!

Dub out!

Little Shrunken Sings The Blues

Let me leave you with some food for thought. I know we’ve all had really, really bad days from time to time and if you’re like me, it takes me a little while to get over it.

But you know what? If you’ll just look around you some, I believe you’ll see that you don’t have to look very far to understand, you don’t have it near as bad as you think you might have. There are many, many people out there that have it a lot worse off than you, and that’s a fact!

I’ve got a buddy, Lil Shrunken, who has had a REALLY bad day! On top of that he ain’t much to look at either! I don’t think the little feller will mind me using him as an example, and if he does, I don’t know what to tell him.

But I want you guys to understand, when ya’ think you have it bad, just take a look at Lil Shrunken here, and I think you’ll come to realize your day ain’t near as bad as you first thought!

With that said…Heeeere’s Lil Shrunken:

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Note to Readers: There are a few things that Dub doesn’t know but one thing he does know is that the word ‘Riding’ (as in Riding Out the Recession) is spelled with a ‘g’ at the end.  But Dub not only walks the walk, but speaks like he is: down home, true blue, and plain speakin’ country folk.

Dub and Deb are both native Floridians, live in Central Florida, and run a small business as well. They have five children, and seven grandchildren.

Both love to cook, love to laugh, grow a garden, and generally try to “aggravate” most anyone around them basically…all in good fun, of course!