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It is Trump who should call into question Francis' pro-life views

Francis Questions President Trump’s Pro-Life Views

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By —— Bio and Archives September 12, 2017

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Pope Francis on Monday called into question President Trump’s pro-life values when he told a reporter from Mexico that Trump’s decision to end the DACA program betrays his pro-life views. He said of Trump, “He presents himself as a pro-life man. If he is a good pro-lifer, he should understand that the family is the cradle of life.”

However, DACA is not a pro-life issue nor is it connected with pro-life, but is actually a pro-death issue, since it was enacted by pro-death advocate Barack Obama in June 2012 to keep and bring illegal immigrants into America for the purpose of inciting revolution and harming Americans. Though DACA was passed under the pretext of keeping families together, its true design was to encourage insurgence at the borders.

It is Trump who should call into question Francis’ pro-life views, since he has made it a habit of letting notorious pro-abortion advocates like Paul Ehrlich and Ban Ki moon use his Vatican as a platform to advance population control (abortion). Since becoming pope in 2013, U.N. abortionist Jeffrey Sachs has been invited to speak at the Vatican 19 times. Globalists and abortion advocates the world over have praised Francis for the way he has heartfully assisted their plan to advance a borderless one-world government in which the unborn and elderly are shown no mercy.

Francis’ criticism of President Trump for ending the DACA program is indeed telling, since it reveals Francis’ support for Obama’s policies. His comments about protecting “the family,” which he called “the cradle of life” are especially interesting, because in a new book-length interview, he signaled support for legal recognition of same-sex “civil unions,” which war against the institution of the family and which the Church officially says must be met with “clear and emphatic opposition.”

If Francis was truly concerned about keeping families together, he would admonish family members, especially parents, of their duty to relocate so that they can be with displaced family members when, for reasons of having violated the law, they must return to their country.

Trump’s administration is not about splitting up families, but about protecting America and nourishing family life, most especially by his historic and stalwart moves to cut off support for abortion, so we pray that Francis will see things in the light of charity and recognize the enormous good that President Trump is doing for the cause of life and family.

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David Martin is the former moderator for St. Michaels Radio which is the one radio program of our time specializing in Catholic prophecy. He has also authored numerous articles on the Church and the Papacy which have appeared on various blogs and websites.

David presently resides in Los Angeles, California where for thirty years he has coordinated a Catholic ministry. He is a daily communicant in his parish church and strongly supports Benedict XVI’s aspiration to see the Traditional Latin Mass returned to every Catholic parish of the world.