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Gowdy: That mysterious source who was feeding info to Steele sure looks like . . . Sidney Blumenthal

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By —— Bio and Archives February 7, 2018

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Gowdy: That mysterious source who was feeding info to Steele sure looks like . . . Sidney Blumenthal
Does he not come right out and confirm it here? It sure sounds like he does (all the way to the end):

Here’s the larger context: One of the less-discussed elements of the Christopher Steele story is that someone connected to the Clintons was apparently feeding information to Steele - by way of an official in the Obama State Department - even in the waning weeks of the 2016 presidential campaign. This was even as Steele was going behind the FBI’s backs and blabbing the information to the news media, thus earning himself a cutting of ties from the FBI.

So let’s connect the dots, if we’re understanding Gowdy’s statement correctly:

A foreign (Russian?) source feeds information to Sidney Blumenthal, the same Sidney Blumenthal who was running a secret network of spies and operatives in the Middle East, then presenting information from these people to Hillary via her schlock, homebrew e-mail server as a back channel while she served as Secretary of State. Remember, Hillary wanted to hire Blumenthal at the State Department and Obama said no way, so she used him in this shadowy, unofficial capacity instead.

So that Sidney Blumenthal was gathering supposed information on Trump, probably from foreign sources every bit as shady as his network in the Middle East, then funneling them through someone working in the Obama State Department who turned around and gave them to Christopher Steele. And this was the primary source the FBI was using to justify a wiretap on Carter Page.

One of the talking points of those defending the FBI’s actions on this case was that the FBI did, in fact, tell the FISA court that Steele was working for a law firm that had ties to a major political party. We responded that this is very different from coming right out and telling the FISA court he was being paid by the Clinton campaign.

Tell me again how this isn’t a Watergate-caliber scandal

If another wrinkle to the story is that Sidney Blumenthal of all people was involved in gathering this information, that adds a whole new layer of sleaze to what served as the FBI’s justification for wiretapping a private citizen connected to the presidential campaign of the nominee running against the party of the sitting president.

A lot of people, including a fair number of conservatives, were dismissive of the Nunes memo because they said it didn’t prove its case by providing enough evidence to back up Nunes’s assertions. That’s true, but it’s also inevitable because Nunes and the other committee members weren’t allowed to keep any copies of the documents they reviewed. They were only allowed to review them and take notes.

But fine. You wanted more details. If another detail is that part of the justification for a Democrat administration to wiretap a member of the Republican nominee’s campaign came via Sidney Blumenthal, tell me again how this isn’t a Watergate-caliber scandal.

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