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Because no one believes the media they control...

Hillary laments: Democrats are faced with a ‘Very Difficult Media Environment’

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By —— Bio and Archives September 12, 2017

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I know, Hillary is over.  We don’t need any more Hillary.  But how can you ignore the gift that keeps on giving?  Somehow, every time she opens her mouth, she manages to double down on everything that led to the decimation of her campaign and her party.


Horrific day-to-day media bias that, get this, unfairly targets Democrats

First, she was out there attacking Bernie for his nasty habit of openly admitting his support of the things she secretly believes. Then she was talking about her presumption of victory. Then she was blaming everything and everyone - other than herself - for his catastrophic loss.  Now?  Now she’s complaining about the horrific day-to-day media bias that, get this, unfairly targets Democrats.

No. Seriously.  She really seems to believe that.

As she told the former Obama speechwriters who host the “Pod Save America” podcast, Democrats don’t have enough media influence, and their candidates will continue to face a “very difficult media environment.”


Just when you think she can’t get any more out of touch…

Democrats have the near total support of ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, HLN, Univision, and almost every major American and international newspaper. Their day-to-day operations consist largely of defending Dem politicians, regurgitating left-wing talking points, and promoting the march toward a glorious socialist utopia.  Yet somehow, the problem is that Fox News and a collection of websites aren’t toeing the statist line? 

According to the Politico, “a whopping 91% of news coverage” is negative towards the man who ended Hillary’s political aspirations.

According to the Washington Examiner, 96% of the media’s political contributions went to Hillary Clinton.

Yet somehow, we’re supposed to believe that the media landscape is stacked against poor ol’ Hillary and her goals?

Allow me to suggest that Hillary’s really upset about the Americans have stopped believing the steady stream of garbage churned out by her mainstream media allies. After enduring their obvious bias for decades, we’ve now see email evidence of their collusion.  Their credibility has been incinerated, and there’s nothing they can do to bring it back.

If Democrats face a “difficult media environment,” it’s because years of propagandizing just blew up in their collective face.

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