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Kirsten Gillibrand on 60 Minutes: Used to be pro-gun, anti-amnesty because I used to only know white

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By —— Bio and Archives February 13, 2018

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NY Dem. Kirsten Gillibrand tells 60 Minutes: I used to be pro-gun and anti-amnesty because I used to only know white people
Like pretty much every Democrat, there was a time when New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand loved to tell people how she was pro-Second Amendment and hawkish on immigration.  You’ve heard most of her old lines from any one of a hundred leftists - all of which you probably knew were lying. She prattled on about her family’s history of hunting, yakked about how we needed a stronger border, and generally parroted the conservative-lite line.

You heard some version of this from Obama, Kerry, Gore, Clinton, and a thousand other left-wing Senators and Representatives.

Then, they get elected and everything changes. Suddenly, the guns that are so beloved by their family become the problem and illegals transform into law-abiding “undocumented citizens” who’ve committed no crimes whatsoever.

Senator Gillibrand - one of a hundred DNC back-benchers who suddenly find themselves sniffing around a shot at the White House - is no different. She’s done a 180 on virtually all her old positions, and the reason is ridiculous.  Apparently, everyone she used to know was white.  That made it really hard to understand pesky things like “constitutionality” and “laws.”

As she told 60 Minutes, she’s learned all about her latent racism since she took office - and it’s really opened her eyes about her former beliefs….

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: After I got appointed, I went down to Brooklyn to meet with families who had suffered from gun violence in their communities. And you immediately experience the feeling that I couldn’t have been more wrong. – you know I only had the lens of upstate New York.

Sharyn Alfonsi: But you had—lived in New York City—

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: I know.

Sharyn Alfonsi:—for a decade.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: And that’s why I was embarrassed.

Sharyn Alfonsi: You traveled abroad.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: I was wrong. What it’s about is the power of the NRA and the greed of that industry. Let’s be clear. It is not about hunters’ rights, it’s about money.

Sharyn Alfonsi: Your critics will say it’s political opportunism.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: As is their right. They can say what they like.

Thanks for allowing us to say what we like, Senator.  We’re glad you (at least currently) embrace the First Amendment - another part of the Constitution that your party seems to have difficulty understanding. 

The fact is, this is opportunism - pure and simple.  No one is buying your “sudden awakening.” The fact is, you now find yourself a player in the national Democrat Party - a political machine that demands its members march in lockstep or face exile.  Refuse to realize “you were wrong,” refuse to embrace Dem-approved scapegoats like the NRA, and your career is demolished.

Regurgitate the talking points, or else.

So, what about immigration?  Guns represent only part of Gillibrand’s massive, transparent, flip-flop. How does she handle the fact that she used to agree with pretty much every evil, racist, immigration position held by the Trump administration?

Again, 60 Minutes asked…

Sharyn Alfonsi: So can you understand President Trump’s position on immigration, since you were there?

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: No. I think his positions are racist.

Sharyn Alfonsi: You were against amnesty, against sanctuary cities. You supported accelerated deportations. You become senator…Why the flip?

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand:  I came from a district that was 98% white. We have immigrants, but not a lot of immigrants. And I hadn’t really spent the time to hear those kind of stories about what’s it like to worry that your dad could be taken away at any moment, what it’s like—

Sharyn Alfonsi: But you’re reading the paper—

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: Yeah. And I just didn’t take the time to understand why these issues mattered because it wasn’t right in front of me. And that was my fault. It was something that I’m embarrassed about and I’m ashamed of.


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In other words, she used to be some kind of backwoods hillbilly who just didn’t understand how racist she was. She was surrounded by white people. ...Despite living in New York City, the most diverse metropolis on the planet, for a decade.

Now, everything’s changed.

Here’s a question for the good Senator: If you used to be racist because you were so ill-informed and poorly educated about the world you now claim to represent, should we really trust your judgement on anything at all?

Why should any voter have any respect for Gillibrand’s positions - since she used to hold “racist views” that only changed once she got a whiff of national power?

There are people out there who have dedicated their lives to passing sweeping gun control measures and prying open America’s borders.  They’re wrong, destructive, and need to be defeated, but at least they’ve stuck to their ideals.  We may despise their positions, but we can respect their tenacity. They are what they are.

At least they’re not abandoning principles and calling themselves racists because they’ve shamelessly decided they need to cater to the New York donor class.

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