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Please, may we employ even a smidgen of common sense to allay all these climate change charges made by nature-worshiping gurus and their sycophants?

Left illogic: man caused Irma so fire-up electricity for cars

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By —— Bio and Archives September 14, 2017

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Every day the left comes up with another mind-bending theory to throw against the wall and there’s always someone who buys into it without checking manufacturer instructions. For 72 hours it’d been that President Trump is the cause of the horrific hurricanes Harvey and Irma, plus José that still pummeled the Caribbean. Not that this is a new concept. President George W. Bush was blamed for Katrina and the fact that it was a racist hurricane.

Okay, so we’ve heard it all. But have we?

This week, Tesla has unveiled new supercharger centers for electric cars in Chicago and Boston. There are only 10 stalls in one and eight in the other. These stations are built with the intent of saving the environment but they are supplied by standard power plants, defeating the purpose. Were there to be thousands of stalls, it wouldn’t charge a minuscule number of vehicles that need to be on the road. Then there’s the additional problem that Tesla has virtually no service centers to assist owners with mechanical difficulties. Oh, and let’s not forget that Elon Musk has only made Tesla a so-called success because he received multiple millions of dollars in government subsidies. Not exactly what we’d term ‘free enterprise.’

Within the last day the Pope, in all his humanitarian compassion, has declared that it is a “moral responsibility” to believe in climate change. Be it far from me, an independent Christian missionary, to argue with Pope Francis, but… isn’t it a problem to assert that man can usurp God’s authority and change the earth’s operational design, the Lord’s creation? There’s this weighing the scales thing going on here. On one hand, Christians believe that God is Almighty, omnipotent; yet then the Pope says we must believe that man can destroy God’s creation by, basically, exhaling. It looks like the only moral thing to do is, not only stop driving internal combustion engine cars but hold our collective breath.

If anyone has the chutzpah to think that a fractionally minute (and I mean minute) amount of CO2 can change God’s plan then why would countries put a ban on gas-driven engines by 2040 and expect to rely completely on electric cars when, as we’ve stated for a decade, going to electric cars means putting even more reliance on coal-fired, oil, natural gas and nuclear power plants to charge them. Does anyone else see the contradictory reasoning? If you can call it reason.

Let’s examine the illogic of all these claims. According to geniuses like Actress Jennifer Lawrence, it’s “proven” science that climate change (caused by man) is behind the devastation of Harvey, Irma and any other superstorm in the offing. If so, then how does driving electric cars that must be powered by coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear plants help curb C02 production and, thus, climate change?

It simply doesn’t work. But this is the faith of the faithless, of which I’m afraid, even the Pope is peddling.

Please, may we employ even a smidgen (Remember that word? But that’s another story.) of common sense to allay all these climate change charges made by nature-worshiping gurus and their sycophants?

One – there are weather cycles, not man-caused climate change; Two – electric vehicles needs must run on conventional power supplies, i.e. the despised coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear,1 until Tesla actually harnesses the power that Nicola Tesla espoused; Three – that people of Faith truly put their faith in God and not in some idol called Mother Nature.

  1. A. Dru Kristenev (2015) New Electric Car – A Chump’s Love Affair, Pg. 69, Pay Attention!!… your life, family and nation depend on it. ChangingWind


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